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Feels good to be in double digits again. Had some real serious urges later in the day yesterday but pulled through. Didnt surf the net last night again, just watched a few shows and went to sleep. Weather was pretty bad so havent started my walking/jogging but im still intent on doing that and my meditation.

I was reading these articles the other day:

and they were really inspiring me. The first one especially. I really want to step up my discipline as far as getting rid or just minimizing as many distractions as possible. I dont want to overdo it and try to do zero distractions, I just want to find a middle path if you may. It is hard to imagine not using TV or the internet whatsoever through out the day to pass time but its kind of sad too to think I need that to keep my mind entertained. In a way I have desensitized my brain not only with PMO but with these other forms of hyperactive entertainment. I mean it wasnt that long ago when there was no Tv or computers. Of course at the same time people have always found things to make time pass by that wasnt particularly useful so I guess its all a matter of perspective.

"Our needs are few, our wants are many."


Great insight

The challenge is forming new non addictive interests and these can be socially rewarding instead of solitary computer and tv stuff. In the old days people talked more and socialized.