breasts sensitivity, ticklishness before arousal

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The Tantric Sex books by Diana Richardson say that breasts are the gateway to stimulation for women as opposed to clitoral stimulation. What if a woman's breasts are very sensitive or ticklish? Is there any way to desensitize or does this ever change? It seems to be not a problem once a woman is sufficiently aroused, but my question is about breast sensitivity/ticklishness before that happens...

I have to say I have never learned more about sex than I have these past few weeks and I am so grateful for the open expression that this forum has allowed me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marnia and Gary and everyone who reads and/or responds.


well she finds that ticklish until she's already really aroused

I have read up on this and I think there may be a desensitization that can take place here. Once she is aroused quite a lot she's fine with my touching her breasts or kissing them but until the, not.

I used to have the same feeling sometimes when she tickled my testicles. It's all how the brain interprets touch. There is an element that we have some conscious control over.

i believe, and I may be wrong, that this breasts ticklishness is a form of defensiveness and reflects past hurts or hangups.

I think that she'll get over it as she begins to find her way in this new marvelous sexual path we are taking. So long as I don't push her.

I even think that eventually she will find it wonderful and won't be ticklish or defensive about my touching her breasts at all. But we'll see. It's another wonderful learning experience :)


A woman has to feel her breasts from the inside and on her *own* in order for her to feel the connection between her breasts and her vagina~~if you read Diana's book geared toward women (or watch the video posted on here where she explains it), she talks about how a woman can bring her breasts alive by consciously thinking of them throughout the day, feeling their energy, and touching them (I touch my own during lovemaking as it makes the whole experience *so* much more wonderful).

A man cannot bring this energy to a woman~~she has to do it on her own. Once it is there, when a man touches a woman's breasts and nipples, it is absolute heaven.

So don't think there is anything wrong with your wife! It just sounds like she hasn't explored this part of her body on her own.

Take care~


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