Anyone else has had issues with printed story erotica porn?

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I didn't come here for recovery purposes, although maybe I did. My issue was that I masturbated to printed erotica. Videos never did it for me for some reason, mostly because I wasn't that interested in the scenes they depicted, although a few spoke to my core fantasy which is more domination and spanking oriented.

I have given up masturbation completely and all forms of porn completely and it hasn't been difficult primarily I think because I have a loving life partner and have replaced the porn outlet with Karezza and cuddling activities.

I wonder if printed erotica ever caused you problems. On the one hand it leaves a lot to the imagination. On the other hand, for someone who is very much living in ones mind, it creates more of a detailed scene. And then there are just the considerations of desensitization from frequent masturbation in general which isn't great, and all the fallout from constant ejaculations anyway.


YES, Very Much So

Yes, erotic stories have been a tremendous tremendous problem for me in my battle to be free from PMO AND FANTASY. I only speak from my own experience here, but I think they are every bit as damaging as visual content and I strongly recommend staying away if you are considering a legitimate reboot.

I found that erotic stories are the most insidious and treacherous gateway into viewing sexy pictures, then porn videos. They were particularly dangerous for me as a PMOF addict because I found that well written stories have an uncanny ability to satisfy the Fantasy part of the equation -- so well, that I felt that I could just ride that wave without drifting into the nasty world of images and video. But then in an instant, a switch would go off in my head. MUST FIND VISUAL EXAMPLES OF WHAT I AM READING. Emerson, it sounds like you didn't have that relationship with video content so that trigger may not have been there for you. For me, once the erotic story reading begins, it is only a matter of time before the dominoes fall in a perfect, predictable, and inescapable sequence: Fantasy...Porn...Masturbation...Orgasm. Next thing you know, your reboot just ended in relapse because you thought you could just read some fun, naughty stories without much harm. Again, that's from personal experience.

In my opinion (20 years experience as an addict thank you very much), I also think the potential damage to the brain from chasing the fix with erotic stories is equal to the damage done by video content. It has something to do with erotic stories' ability to reach that particular itch, to hit the mark so perfectly, to satisfy that super specific niche, to tickle that precise dopamine receptor for that exquisite rush of arousal. You think binging for hours for that perfect shot in a video is pathetic? Imagine searching for that "perfect" scene in a sea of words. Looking for that one sentence in a 20 page story that will scratch that itch. Not in this story? How about the next one? The next one.. Years of my life have been wasted chasing the fix in erotic stories. *sigh*

I think I read Gary mention somewhere on this site that erotic stories are just as harmful to a reboot as porn images. If I'm correct and he did say that...he's right.

You bring up an important facet of PMO addiction and I hope this gets some more attention because it could make or break a lot of reboots out there. It sounds like you've found a wonderful place of intimacy with your wife and I wish you the best as you pursue that.


On the up side:

All this reading seems to have a tremendous impact on your writing. :)
I really enjoy reading what you have to say! Do you write professionally? You could be an author in my opinion!

One disagreement here though: I think erotic literature is harmful enough in itself, even without the escalation to visual images that you describe. So even without serving as a trigger, it may have caused emerson some serious trouble!


I agree entirely with what FREE has said. Pornography is not restricted to visual media alone. It can also encompass other medias, including audio and text. I find erotic stories can be worse in some ways, as it takes much longer to read a story, which can lead to very long dopamine rushes. They are often broken up into multiple parts, which the author keeps building upon, leading to an endless need to keep returning for a fix.

I agree..

...with what has been said here! Erotic literature can be every bit as harmful as porn videos! Plus, all that time that goes into reading this trash could be well invested in some much more educational and much better written literature. Try that! :)

You're right, determination and Apollo..

There's no disagreement here. I agree with you guys completely. Erotic literature is most definitely "harmful enough in itself" and in some ways "can be worse".

@ determination, I also love what you said about invested the time that would have been spent trolling through erotic stories on more substantial literature. With all the time I wasted on sex stories, I could have MEMORIZED Don Quixote, Moby Dick, and Ulysses!

Also, thanks for your kind words about my writing. :)


I love reading about spanking... and crafting comments on blogs

I've recognized that a major problem is that I love looking around explicit blogs and stories with my hot words:
bare bottom,
jeans down,
whip, etc.

I've liked to create avatars on blogs to comment and give suggestions--even though I've never carried my fantasies to "acting out" and actually spanking or getting spanked by a gal. To give extra impact to my comments--as well as my carnal craving--i search for just the right picture to visualize about what I'm writing.

After 12 years of marriage I told my wife about this life-long fascination with erotic spanking; she was taken aback, mumbled something about maybe trying it--but then (thankfully) she never wanted anything to do with it. I've joined a men's purity group at Church and labor to suppress and stamp out this fetish... I've canceled those avatar ID's mentioned above as I try, try, try to drop this fetish--but I still slip. I will install CovenantEyes today so one of the friends in my men's purity group will know when I slip...

I don't remember how I discovered and searched for "karezza" and found Marnia's great book. I am trying to start getting my wife to try the 3 week Ecstatic Exchanges in Cupid's Poisoned Arrow. I want to experience the deep loving bond with my wife that will enable me to drop interest in erotic spanking and other dopamine-feeding kinks...