Day 14...Still objectifying women.

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Things are going good as far as the reboot but I cant help but notice that im still objectifying women and even more so now. I guess its my mind wanting the real thing since im not watching P. My only concern is if im still looking at women as objects will that hurt my recovery?
Will it make me want to go view P if I keep objectifying? Ive read Marnia's suggestions on this before and its to make sure to look in their eyes and give them a big smile. Well I do that as well but at the same time im also sneaking a peek when i can at their goods. Will there come a point in time with the reboot where this will subside or am i going to have to make a conscious effort not to objectify anymore? The problem I see with that is that it seems to me that it would be more of a matter of suppresing the urge to scope out the ladies, and we all know the pitfalls of supression, or would this be considered different? Where I work i come across a bevy of beautys so the urges are there. Im also not in a position to try to pick up these ladies as it would be unproffesional so that is out of the question. They are strictly eye candy.
Im going to try next time to go at it from a different perspective and not give in to checking them out and focus more on eye contact. I do do that anyway and try to give smiles when I can but it is diffucult not to also direct my eyes elsewhere. I really do think this is my brain screaming
out "I want some of that" since Ive been holding out on him. And I do have a cuddlebuddy so I guess this is also the coolidge effect in full force
as well.

I guess if I keep it to the moment and not store the experiences away to fantasize later itll all be good too. Sometimes you just gotta look.
I made this analogy before, its like if you were to see a little person or a huge bodybuilder, your gonna look. Theres just some people that are
gonna grab your attention and its ok. It does do a number on your mind though. Ill get through it, no worries. Smile

"When faced with any diffuculty in life, resolve it by the following steps: face it, accept it, deal with it, and then let it go."


It's fine

to try to shift your attention, but the problem just seems to take care of itself with time.

Can you "appreciate and move on" - that is, admire and then shift your attention elsewhere instead of trying to store up the visual for later...use?

No doubt.

Yeah I think I can, although its more difficult for some of them. I had to remind myself that Ive been conditioned almost all my life to that viewpoint through advertising, Tv, society in general. Its gonna take more than a few weeks to really undo that way of thinking. I want to be able to view a woman as I view, say a rainbow. One does not objectify a rainbow, one only marvels at its beauty.
An exercise I set for myself is to make a list of the ways a woman is beautiful besides using body parts.