Day 15 - Pleasure and Happiness

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Been reading this book that gives the differnce between the two. Basically happiness is something we cultivate from within and pleasure is something we usually feel outwardly from our 5 senses. Pleasure is always fleeting where as happiness is something that can be lasting from within.
You can be happy in a dark solitude because it is a state of being, not something external. Happiness is lasting where pleasure can become
boring or lead to suffering (as with PMO) if done for a long period of time. A great example is music. You can get great pleasure from hearing a
certain song, but if you were to hear the same song on repeat for hours upon hours you may go insane. Also pleasure is not an enemy of happiness, yet when we aspire to get pleasure (as in obsession) then it becomes a problem.

The reboot is going well. Had a few big triggers I ran across yesterday (one real world and the other online) that before would have sent me straight to PMO or at least MO but handled them well. Havent started my running but did spend some time outdoors. Drop by drop.

"Theres no need to be concerned about the past or the future. Live fully in the present, and you are connected with both the past and the future."