DAY 51!!! Is my streak over?

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So its been 51 days. It has been surprisingly easy to resist PMO since I've had porn induced ED and am committed to recovering.. I feel like I've improved a lot. I was just sleeping and had a wet dream. Does this mean my streak is over? The strange part is that I was controlling whether I ejaculated or not during my dream. I could have kept it in if I wanted to but for some reason I didn't. If I was more conscious I wouldn't have ejaculated since I'm consciously abstaining.

The strange thing is that I was about to have a wet dream a few weeks ago but I subconsciously stopped it. After that I started to have semen leaking while urinating. I'm not sure if this happened because of that one night. I've had semen leaking every now and then when I urinated before this wet dream and I doubt I will until another few weeks of no PMO.

Is semen leaking a physical response from your body letting you know that you should ejaculate? Maybe this wet dream was necessary to relieve 51 days of built-up tension.

Also, I was just wondering, is it normal to wake up immediately after a wet dream or do people usually sleep through them? I woke up immediately after. And is my streak over? I'd like to say no since I didn't consciously masturbate but I'm guessing its over and not over in certain ways if that makes sense at all.

I appreciate your help, you guys have been crucial in my desire to recover and staying the course. Thanks!

Your streak is not over.

Your streak is not over. Nocturnal emissions are a natural response from your body when there is no other way to release the semen. It is a good sign as it means your body is getting back in balance. This also shows that you don't NEED to have orgasms, your body will take care of any excess semen as you've seen.

Also don't worry about the dreams. It may have felt that you were in control during your dream, but was that really so or were you dreaming that you were in control? Wink It's about the fact that you did not masturbate to fantasy/porn. What I've read here is that most guys wake up after emission in their sleep.

Be aware that you may get a chaser because of the wet dream. So the coming days you may feel a bit 'disturbed' and tempted to PMO. Make sure you get through those urges.

Ups and downs are sometimes hard to deal with mentally...


thanks a lot for the thorough answers. I really appreciate it. I definitely feel the chaser effects, and I am trying hard not to give in. Have you suffered from porn-induced ED before and when do I know I can start to masturbate on a schedule, ie once a week and not to porn though.

Everyone, feel free to answer and share your experiences.


I have been getting a lot more spontaneous erections than before. I have gotten a LOT of half spontaneous erections and a few completely rock hard spontaneous erections. What does this mean?

Does anyone ever say that their ED happened at a particular time? For me, about 53 days ago after masturbating, I felt this strange feeling like I got the wind knocked out of me, and thats when the ED started. And I still have that strange feeling in my stomach. Some days I feel like I'm improving a lot, but some says I feel like I haven't improved much at all, which I hear is normal.

Amazingly, one day at work, I felt as if I was fully recovered. I was soo confident and fully convinced I was healed, thats how good I felt. Then that feeling went away a few hours later.

Socially I don't feel much different, maybe a little more confident around people, but I've always been somewhat shy and not as good with people as I'd want to be.

Also, after the wet dream I previously mentioned which was a couple days ago, I feel less like I improved and its been making me worry more. I don't feel like I've improved as much and feel kind of worse. I don't know what to make of it, the ups and downs I feel are so mentally difficult to deal with and stressful. I sometimes wonder about my recovery and it constantly bothers me.

Everyone, feel free to answer and share your experiences.

Yeah I'm having ED for

Yeah I'm having ED for years. It wasn't always bad but over time it grew worse and worse. I've never been able to put on a condom before having sex, just to give an idea..

I would advice you not to start with masturbation until you've had real sex. It should give a great confidence boost. Personally if I was able to I would only have real sex, with 'touch-masturbation' on an infrequent basis.