Avoid periods of inactivity when you would have PMOed

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I am out of town in a hotel on the road.

In the old days, like several months ago, this would have been a big PMO thing for me because of all the time I have without my wife and without other things going on.

Idleness is the devil's playground.

I thought about this a lot. I had to go on my trip and it'll be a great trip but it also is a great PMO temptation.

In my case, I simply won't succomb to that. I'll be reading, exercising, eating breakfast, ironing my shirt, and eventually it'll be time to go to my meeting.

But it's a challenge when you have nothing much to do.

How do you handle this when you have some "empty" hours and in former times you would have PMO'd? What are you doing to give yourself alternative ways of keeping busy and replacing that old behavior with a new one?


The key for me is getting to

The key for me is getting to a point where even if there were nothing at all to do, say you couldnt exercise, or go outside, or watch TV, etc. that you still have an inner peace within yourself that none of that would matter. Look at people who are artist or writers or in some other creative field. When they are doing what they love, they are at peace. They have no worries, no anxiety because they are present with what they are doing. But when they cant do that they are frustrated because they cant have that outlet. Empty hours are only a construct of the mind. IMO