relapsing after 80 days

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After about 80 days of no PMO I had sex, and the chaser got the better of me. The sex was great and I saw a lot of improvements - firm erection, increased sensitivity, etc. - although I binged and watched porn for hours the next day. In the past week I've had about four PMO sessions and had sex twice. I definitely felt a difference after watching porn, e.g. I struggled to maintain an erection, decreased sensitivity, typical shit. I'm not getting down on myself because I'm back at college now and I'm more disciplined when I'm on a schedule. My question to others who have experienced this is how far back have I put myself? I understand that it's different for everyone but any stories would be appreciated.

First of all,

congratulations on your recovery...the first time. Smile That's a big accomplishment, and at least you have a sense of direction. That chaser can be mean.

There's really only one way to find out...get back on the bus. Let us know what you observe.

Can you do anything to prevent another relapse?

Having recovered to some

Having recovered to some degree has assuredly renewed my faith in the process and strengthened my resolve to not look at porn. Porn is nothing more than shadows in the cave, and I'm tired of it.

I don't feel like I'm back at day 1 but there is a difference. To anyone who is thinking about relapsing, it's just not worth it.

I relapsed today also. It

I relapsed today also. It sucks, but I guess the most important thing is not to beat yourself up about it!
I can definately feel a difference. I feel more depressed and restless and I am having a lot more sexual goal-orientated thoughts.

I try to look at relapses as

I try to look at relapses as part of the recovery. This may seem silly but if you look at it that way, they mean something and you can use them to prevent another relapse in the future.

you're definetly not back to day 0. That's just completely impossible. Compare it with working out in the gym, have you ever noticed how quickly you can get back to your old shape when you've neglected excercise for a while? Well this isn't any different.