45 days...my new record!!

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Well I haven't really posted much as of late, but I still like to lurk.

I'm now on round 2 of my reboot. I just hit 45 days today....surpassing my first attempt of 44 days.

I can't wait to reach my goal of 90 , but I'll make sure I keep my focus on the present moment.

My mood has been good overall, but the insane energy I had the first few weeks has passed.

I feel more confident in just about all situations. I haven't had any wet dreams, and don't think I will.

I have some leakage here and there usually after I urinate. This seems to bother some posters but I don't mind it.

I figure it's my bodies way of doing what it needs to do.

My progress in the gym has been great. My energy level has been unusually high. I even started doing cardio which I don't really care for.

Unfortunately, I haven't really put myself in situations to meet new women, but I'm about to get on that.

Now the holidays are over and things are much less crazy in my life.

My libido still seems pretty dead. I'm a bit surprised and a little disappointed about this. 45 days seems like a long time.

I'm in my upper 30's and haven't really been around a lot of women as of late, maybe that combination is slowing things down a bit.

Earlier today I had a strong urge to PMO! For me this is REALLY uncommon.

Ironically, when I had my relapse the first time (day 44) the same thing happened. I didn't have any urges, then all of sudden I had really strong ones.

Is is unusual to not have any urges, then suddenly have strong ones 6 weeks in?

Is it possible that maybe my libido is starting to resurface and since I used PMO to meet my needs in the past the desire to do so again is also resurfacing?

I don't really know, and it really isn't that important.

All that matters is that I control it, not the other way around.

I'm not a man of many words, so I guess that's about it for now.

Good luck everyone!


great progress

you are on the right track. I think you are right -- libido is surfacing and you have more craving for PMO. Time to channel this energy, and it's time to do that socially. The best is cuddling and snuggling with a GF, but even social interaction with women is extremely helpful.