Better Than Orgasm by Stanley Bass

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[I wrote this almost a year ago (mid February 2011). I don’t think I posted it as I can’t find it. Life was a bit crazy shortly after this so it must have slipped through. How true my last sentence proved.]

This is a short book ( or that seems overly repetitive in parts and short on detail in others. Bass repeats his ideas in various ways. He fails to give enough detail when he suggests positions for example. His methodology is quite regimented, but he also suggests being beyond a mechanical process. Perhaps his effort to consolidate Energy-Karezza was overly ambitious or he needs more editing. I would have liked more detail from his own life as to what worked well and what didn't work at all. He spends too much time on the regime that works for him and not enough on the underlying rationale to allow for variations. I would also have liked at least some comments from his wife to make the book more palatable to both sexes.

His methodology is part common sense and part tantra. Regarding penetration, he suggests creating internal timing based upon a quarter second tick and then moving in and out (until about 1.5" remains inside). You then vary the stroke time with a ½-second (two tick) pace being faster/ more intense, ¾-second (three tick) pace being about normal, 1-second (four tick) pace being slower and closer to mediation. When withdrawn to 1.5" of penetration, he suggests using a sideways and up hemispherical motion to gently maintain stimulation while allowing the male to cool down. When one gets close to being overheated, he proposed three fixes:
1) withdraw and do a sublimation exercise (explained below);
2) applying cold water to the genitals (by keeping a washcloth in ice water nearby); or
3) if all else fails, use the perineum pressure point to conserve semen.

The sublimation exercise is used to draw the sexual energy up toward the heart and mind.
1) lie down on your back, take a deep breath, contract the rectal muscles inward and upward as hard as possible, adding the muscles of the perineum, penis, and ab muscles in the navel area;
2) close your eyes and put your attention between your eyebrows;
3) hold your breath and contraction as long as possible;
4) relax; and
5) repeat 3-9 times.
He also adds a comment about using this prior to post-sex mediation where you breath the energy into your heart.

He claims he cannot be forced to orgasm by a female. He addresses female overheating the male with three suggestions:
1) the male can explain the reasoning behind the practice and use a verbal STOP to let her know to back off as he is getting overheated;
2) using male body weight or arm strength to penetrate and pin her down so as to prevent excess motion; or
3) withdraw if there is no other option.
Noticeably lacking seemed any sort of intent or mindset.

I'm biased as he is preaching to the choir with me. I did like the confirmation of my own observation linking sexuality and food. I cannot say to what extent I got influenced from something I read. He suggests the ideal is an empty stomach. I'd go one further and say a relaxed digestive system and fasting karezza. Fasting seems to awaken a strong inner awareness that grows over time and begins to linger even when not fasting. He talks about drinking too much water being an issue due to the need to urinate. One could accommodate water fasting by drinking earlier in the day or simply drinking a little less. He writes like it is hard to pitch not eating for four plus hours prior to sex. Maybe it is in our food-crazed world. By chance or will of the subconscious I tend not to eat on dates or to eat only after spending a good deal of time together. Perhaps there is a method to my madness after all. I’m waiting to pounce?

I'm not sure about the validity of his masturbation as training logic. Many guys fall into that, but it might not be the best advice. Mind training might be superior. Perhaps physical training isn’t needed at all. As for using the perineum pressure point, he suggests that as a fallback. He doesn't give any significant support for the claims about the loss of semen or the energy needed to replenish it. For an energy doctor, that diminished his credibility as he is coming from a position of claimed expertise.

His primary basis for energy-karezza is that karezza or tantric-karezza cannot last long enough. That doesn't seem to be the position taken on this site. I wonder if he is missing out on something or if he had to create a hybrid form between karezza and standard sex in order to have sex with women that were not on board. He also seems to enjoy a form of edging and extreme self-control that almost sounds like it detracts a little from the realm of possible awareness. It seems obsessive. It seems ego oriented. Rather than letting go of all orgasmic goals, he has strengthened the goal not to orgasm.

I thought for an energy doctor there was not enough discussion of energy or precisely why his method is superior to tantra, which he claims, is higher level. It appears that this is a learning tool with the goal being tantra, but that was not clarified completely.

I am curious about energy medicine. Anyone know of decent books on this? I’m learning from fasting and my own little experiments. Using energy but without much control I can lure a person into an intense conversation now by transmitting an energy packet at a concentrated point of discussion. I’ve had others withdraw from conversation as they find it too intense. I also can trigger intense sensations in my body. Sometimes those get stuck and I can’t diffuse them enough if it gets unpleasant. I need to train my mind-body to utilize these tools better. So much to do and never enough time