Anybody have some good journal writing tips? (Day 21)

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I read a comment once from someone who had given his advice on how to construct entries but i totally forgot who wrote it or what he said. Im just looking for ideas to help me be more consistent in writing. Ive been writing sort of diary style and have been inconsistent so just looking for new ways to write in a different style perhaps. Ive searched online but the suggestions were pretty general.


Just write

To learn how to write you have to write. And the beauty of it is that it doesn't matter WHAT you write. Best advice I ever got about journaling is to start writing and don't stop until you fill the page (actually it was an advice about free-writing which is used both as a therapeutic method [1] and a method to overcome writer's block - but I use it for everyday journaling). If you run out of things to write, write "I ran out of things to write" and keep repeating that until a new thought pops up in your mind. The key is not to stop.

[1] James W. Pennebaker, Opening Up: The Healing Power Of Expressing Emotions

just talk...

...and write down what you say.

I hear a voice in my head. It's like I'm talking to my good buddy. I listen to that voice conversing with my good buddy and write down what he says.

I write like I talk.

It's really easy and it is (usually and hopefully) very readable and engaging.

just started journaling...

I was having similar issues with inconsistency in keeping a journal. What's helped me is structuring things with questions, socratic method style. for instance, it was hard for me to write about how I felt emotionally during the day at the end of a long day when my normal habit is to just zone out before sleeping. questions focus you and get the flow started. i've found that once i'm actually able to start writing, a lot more things come out than i was expecting.

so, figure out what questions you'd like to ask yourself on a daily basis.


how did you feel emotionally today? what were the strongest emotions you felt today and why did you feel them?
how was your meditation? was there anything noteworthy in the experience?
how did you feel physically? did you workout?