Blackstrap molasses and anxiety, brain fog, etc.

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It's claimed in various places online that from consuming blackstrap molasses people experience a reduction in anxiety, insomnia, "foggy brain," and fatigue symptoms; help with anemia, PMS, menstrual problems, menstrual cramping, menstrual mood swings, hot flashes, cravings for sweets, and other health issues related to the menstrual cycle; reduction in the size of their fibroid tumors; graying of hair reversing color; relief from arthritis and carpel tunnel; and relief from various digestive problems like acid reflux, constipation, and diarrhea.

One would think someone would have studied this given the claims. I can't find any studies. Mineral replenishment can't hurt and this stuff isn't very sweet. Has anyone tried this or is this an old wives' tale courtesy of the placebo effect? This is at least from a doctor: . Here's what is typically in this stuff: and for some more info:

My guess is that magnesium is the main benefit here. The iron content might help some while hurting others.

I jogged for a half an hour

I jogged for a half an hour and my brain fog started to clear for about a good 15 minutes. Doesnt sound like much, but to someone that is in it a lot, that's something to grow from. I noticed it the last time I did a half an hour too.

Try it out, let us know if it works.

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way.

I got my hands on this

I got my hands on this stuff. Whole foods has a few options. I happened to have some standard molasses that a standard supermarket might carry. Blackstrap is quite different. It is clearly from a less refined world of perhaps Conestoga wagon days.

I'm not sure the iron intake is so great for men. and Menstruating women might benefit. I found a book on blackstrap and there isn't much science according to one review.

For now, I'm experimenting with a teaspoon (1/3 of the tablespoon serving size). I have a hunch that the sugar content in this might mitigate other carb cravings. Time will tell. It's tough to map cause and effect with multiple changes at once.