Day 22..... 26645 days to (73 years assuming I live to be 100)

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Day 22 no PMO. 26645 days to go. Feeling better again. Have no real urge to look at porn but on occasion, feel like I need to M. Usually this urge hits me on a Saturday and Sunday morning when I can sleep in some and have a strong morning erection. From experience I feel that a M.O. does not really kill my PMO count ,however I am afraid of the chaser effect days after. So for right now I'll avoid any orgasm.

Aside from that, my anxiety is slowly going away with each passing day. It is really amazing how my anxiety and porn are so closely related. And by amazing... I mean terrible. I guess its my body's way of saying porn is bad for me. One thing I noticed once I decided to binge on porn was I started to drink caffeine and eat sweets more frequently as well. It was as if I became mentally weak and just indulged on anything I wanted. I went nearly 10 months of no sodas or coffee and after looking at porn I went on a 2 month caffeine binge. I have come to the conclusion that caffeine actually makes me more exhausted then it helps throughout the day.

Back to college last week as well. 14 units at night from 7 to 10 P M after 8 hours of work is exhausting. It literally leaves me no time to mess around with Porn which is a good thing. I think at this point it is best I just focus on my studies and not get caught up in putting myself out there with woman from school. If I cross paths with an interesting woman then great, but I'm not going to let it distract me from my goal, a degree in Computer Science.

On a side note, I used to keep my K-9 porn blocker password in a blank file. I decided to move the password in with my 1st "quiting PMO" journal from a year ago. At the top of the journal in big, bold letters it names of all the reasons I wanted to give up porn. Everything from... Anxiety, Sexual Exhaustion, Porn-related EDD, fatigue, frequent urination, ex girlfriend relationships that I have destroyed due to porn, embarrassing memories I have of me going soft during intercourse, saving money,etc. I have no choice but to see all those reasons before I scroll down to the password for K-9 incase I have some mental breakdown and attempt to unlock the parental blocker on my laptop.


That's an excellent tip about the password

Thanks for sharing it.

I admire your objectivity. You experiment...and you are honest about the results, whether it's caffeine or porn. That's important to success.

Yeah, full-time school and work is really tough. Take good care of yourself. And maybe a tiny bit of socializing would still be good. Wink