♥ - Bringing heart energy into consciousness

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I notice incredible heart energy present at times in my dream / lucid dream state. I say heart because I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s linked to sexual energy but not inherently sexual. I interact in ways that I’m not sure my conscious being could actually execute. The energy seems to morph the interactions in a fluid dance. Hesitancy or doubt of any form is gone. Vulnerability is absolute. Love is pure. Each step reinvigorates the process as if tiring is impossible. When I get into this world, I often don’t want to get out of bed because that will end the magic. I can feel a sort of energetic afterglow for much of the day. I wonder if anyone notices. I can be tired from it. I don’t rest well when busy with this process.

I want to try to bring this out of the un/subconscious and into a more conscious state to see how it can be used to change my life. That also might let me rest better as I won’t be as likely to seek this state while sleeping. In conscious reality, I suspect it will be more challenging because I will not be controlling all roles as I do a dream state. I’m curious to see what is possible by finding ways to use the energetic elements. Has anyone tried anything like this? Are there Reiki or other trainings that might help make this possible?

I’ve gotten to the point where I can sometimes initiate the dream state (though only when already going to sleep or sleeping), I can at times control the situation in a lucid manner, and I can watch the state so that I can feel elements of it later while awake. I can feel various aspects in my body and sometimes move correspondingly. This state usually involves a sequential story in the sense that I could easily write a book had I somehow stored all the information. That’s not easy given that much of this is an experience for which it is hard to find words. As I change, the story continues to unfold. Unlike other dreams, I don’t see as strong a connection to my daily goings on. There can be other dreams interjected and more than one state in a night. I wonder what part of sleep brings this state. I want is to be able to interact in this way in real life. As I go through this exploration, I see slow changes in my behavior so maybe it just takes a lot of time. I’m positive that with any of the co-stars I would interact quite differently. There would be not choice given he past experiences. Someone might make movies about this (I know, don’t say me).

My guess is that some similar things go on during karezza, although perhaps on the unconscious plane because one is awake. It appears that I’m experiencing another aspect of human interaction. One that is always there, yet underexplored. I’m seeing a shift from a fantasy perspective to one of an eventual reality. That makes sense because this never quite felt like fantasy.



Trying. Active for me might

Trying. Active for me might not be active for others. I'm not around many people at the moment. I find outlets to socialize as seem interesting and worthwhile. From there it's a function of who shows up. It's tough to find women looking for a relationship who are also minimally compatible. I've not developed the skill to materialize a mate. While I have considered the underlying message you're observing, there seems to be more. Either way, this isn't bad because my knowledge of the possible expands from the process. This sort of deep self-connection can move internal mountains.

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