vaginal discharge and slow sex

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My GF and I had a long slow sex session on Sunday at 3pm or so. We are using the ovulation calander method and "pulling out" to be on the safe side. I admittedly got close to ejaculating to the point I may have(I stopped and slowly pulled out). It was a very safe day on the calendar. She just informed me today that on Monday around 10am she noticed a discharge that she is pretty convinced is "me" not her. I don't know if it is just pre-ejaculatory fluid or perhaps some semen. I did notice her mucus changing noticably after having sex for awhile and I'm wondering if what she is noticing is actually just a different kind of female mucus discharge from the slow/long sex session. She is concerned even though I'm sure she can't get pregnant. Any info would help.


Yes, of course as far as the

Yes, of course as far as the kit goes. I was just wondering if karezza(or karezza-like) sex can cause a difference in the vaginal fluid.

I found the sex very good. Very intimate and enjoyable. It is a pity I allowed myself to let go of the slow sex at the end and go towards orgasm. I might have to always use condoms now, which sucks as I have a real hard time(pun intended) keeping hard with condoms. meh. I really love my GF and I hope we can work through this somehow. I've read somewhere karezza can't really be properly practiced with condoms. I hope that is not true. I just got your book today and started reading it. Wow, it's so fascinating. Excited to learn more about this.


well it's true that karezza is a lot more enjoyable without a condom, especially as erections do sometimes come and go, depending upon the degree of relaxation during some points.

On the other hand, you may find that erection strength increases as you store your Manly Essence. [bigsmile]

Just so you know, I usually put ♥s by karezza visitors' posts, to separate them from the guys who are "rebalancing" after desensitization.

thanks for the "heads up".

thanks for the "heads up". :) I'm sure I'll be having more questions. Hopefully I'll put them in the right category as I'm not sure if I hit the right intent with putting this last query in this category.




The female condom would be perfect for karezza as it fits the woman, not the man, so no worries about erections coming and going. I'm sure the delicious energy flow could still be felt (it's very strong when your minds on really focused).

Also, I have lots and lots of lubrication since we started karezza and most of the time we think it's a combination of me plus him (not ejaculate, but pre-cum~~which should not contain any sperm unless you have ejaculated quite recently).


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Very helpful. Karezza and contraception has always been a tricky subject. You're right that precum apparently doesn't have as much sperm as we were taught. On the other hand, people do get pregnant when they aren't expecting to. Still, I have never become pregnant while practicing karezza.