Paleo Diet, Addictive Foods, and Porn

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My partner and I started following a Paleo diet about a year ago, and one of the concepts of a Paleo/Ancestral diet, is that modern, hyper-processed, 'high-reward' foods are addictive, and prevent us from enjoying natural healthy foods. Sound familiar?

This week, two prominent Paleo bloggers have caught the idea from Gary's work and the Your Brain on Porn site that PORN and junk food are a lot alike. And they like the science that Gary's presented: : The segment about YBOP starts at 36:10+ until 38:50. The last part, starting at 46:30 are some clips from Gary's videos

This one is from Robb Wolf, one of the BIG GUNS of the Paleo movement:

I hope this opens some eyes and minds among the Paleo community to the possibility that porn might just be as bad for them as those donuts!



junk food tip

I just digested one of the above articles (puns are fun). I am embarking on a new way of eating where I'll still eat some junk food but I will only do so once each day. I think this is a great start. The study cited said rats eating junk food say one time each day did not get obese.

I have to say that people constantly eat junk food. And healthy people 1) don't constantly eat, and 2) don't eat as MUCH junk food.

I've done paleo and low carb and calorie reduced and paleo type eating is great. Probably the best type of eating has been intermittent fasting, did that for a year and a half. Don't eat at all until evening. But paleo was quite nice also.

Meanwhile I'm gonna do this "junk out once per day" thing for a bit as a baby step.

Health breeds health once

Health breeds health once one discards the normalcy of dis-ease. Finding other balancing methods helps keep all systems more in sync. That makes sense if all these issues dopamine dysregulation in common. I use a floating sphere analogy. As one part shifts, others need to to keep the system functional. If one can't beet porn/diet/fitness/etc. initially, work on other areas. Eventually each will be easier.

Does that podcast always have that background music? That might make me nuts. Paleo isn't a tribal ceremony all the time.

LCHF (low carb, high fat) is

LCHF (low carb, high fat) is pretty big here in sweden, I just eat alot of meat and drink water. And its working for me, nuts (hehe) are really good stuff also.

And of course, omega 3, multivitamins and anti-oxidants

blood pressure really fell

Just to catch up on this, I've been pursuing paleo again for several months, pretty much as a serious lifetime commitment now. And my BP went from 120/80 to 105/65 or around there. It's pretty striking.

I can't find any studies about lifespan with lower blood pressure other than studies done with high BP people. I'm pleased about it though. I think it is a really good sign.

I am pretty low carb. Perhaps that's it. But I make sure to have 50 - 75g of carbs a day, more or less, by eating yams and potatoes. So it could be low carb is doing this, but I think the diet is much better. My body isn't being challenged like it was before with foods that it doesn't tolerate well.