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Dear Reuniting readers

I recently started no pmo+fantasies and it has been working out perfectly.
First of all thank you reuniting/ybop for sharing this. I never understood some things
until I came across this site.

I am on day 18 and my libido is dead. But yesterday( day 17) some weird thing happend to me.
Yesterday I smoked some pot and around 11 pm I went to bed. I lay in bed and and I got fully
erected and the arousal increased. I almost O'd but I could stop myself just in time.
Is this normal during a period of no pmo? Does this mean I will get wet dreams in the following days?

My libido is dead as I mentioned before any idea how to get this back? Or do I need to be more patience?

Thanks in advance


no blog haha

[quote=Marnia]Welcome. It's normal for your brain's responses to swing around during the rebooting. It's never linear.

Flat libido is also normal, especially in the guys who were noticing sexual performance problems developing. It's as if the brain insists on a time-out to reset itself. FAQ:

Start your own blog if you like.[/quote]

oke thanks for the fast reply. English is not my native language so I don't know
if thats a good idea :D. I feel so good without the pmof that I never use it again.

90+days seems really easy at this point.

If you're throwing weed into the mix,

who knows what will happen? Guess you're libido isn't dead, player!
It may or may not mean you'll get wet dreams.

During waking hours...there IS a way to get back your libido: continue eschewing PMOF. Maybe for a couple months? Maybe a few days. All you can do is stick to the script. Using P+F ain't gonna help! Like Marnia said, it is non-linear. More on a FRACTAL level!