How strict should one be/how strict are you?

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Im in on my 3rd week pom-free and its going pretty good so far.

I was just wondering how strict it is necessary to be when you want to "zero-out" this shit.
I mean, i try to look away when there is a nude scene in a movie and i have only seen one totaly naked woman (on pic) during these 3 weeks.
Am i "too" strict or not strict enough do you think?
I tend to lay with my hands down my pants sometimes tough - not masturbating, just pinching a bit. How bad is that you think? Should i stop right away or maybe that aint so horrible?

And also, i just yesterday started to think deep about some sex scenes from porn i used to watch and i got pretty exited :/
Im not looking at any, absolutly not, but i cant seem to get those images out of my head.
How bad do you think that is?

Sorry for my wrongspellings and so on...

you can't be too strict BUT

...absolute rules can be problematic. If you slip then your brain says, "well you came this far so you might as well PMO anyway..."

So resist and be 100% as absolute as you can be. It's okay to have images in your head. That is not the same as PMOing. Over time they *will* fade. That's fine. You are only human. The key right now is to make sure your behavior is consistent with your end goals of no more PMO. The thoughts can't hurt you unless you take action with them.

Some guys will definitely have more work to do with regard to fantasy than others. Some guys have a big fantasy component to their issue. Seeing porn images is just typical stuff at this point and the key is to stay away from external triggers and PMO. Later on if fantasy remains a problem for you then you can work harder on that but you are doing great now.