Chaser? Or just natural libido?

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Ok it's friggen 2:30am... I went to bed at 12 and proceeded to get like 3-5 erections w/o stimulation. I felt this horniness coming on before i went to bed..Feeling wide awake and horny I decided to give myself a genital massage/prostate massage. I've come to like prostate massages as when I was recovering they helped relieve horniness for me. And not gonna lie your butt is pretty sensitive [bigsmile] haha.I knew where this was going though, but I wanted to see if it was possible, as I've read, to milk your prostate without orgasm.... Guess what? It's not!....

So three days later I masterbate again, no fantasy no nothin with a solid erection but this time with my finger up my butt. Sorry if this is too graphic but my body tricks me into doing stupid and potentially dangerous stuff when in reality I should just get it over with and mo.

I don't know if this is my bodies natural horniness cycle or a possible chaser, regardless I'm done with masterbating for awhile... I don't want to. I feel no need to m as of now or binge on porn. That is the last thing on my mind, but honestly I would rather just not have to masterbate. I'm over it, self love is weird. I'd rather share that feeling with a women.

I dunno, marnia what do you think? Chaser? As for me I'm going to bed, I feel a little weird about m'ing again because I don't want to lose control. But my addict brain isn't telling me to look at porn or anything. I am calm and clear headed and tired. I just want to go to bed



you have to work things out for yourself as your balance improves.

Escalation is not a good sign, and it's easy to rationalize it. Wink

Just because something feels good, isn't necessarily a reason to do it. *chuckle* Any kind of stimulation that is hotter than regular sex...has the potential for making regular sex seem inadequate. Doesn't matter if you desensitize yourself with porn, sex toys, prostate massage, whatever.

I'm not saying you should never explore your body, but regular hyperstimulation can desensitize the brain. It sucks, but that's the way it is.

You asked.... [hamster]