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If you are old enough to order mixed drinks in a beachy restaurant perhaps you have seen the drink, Sex On The Beach.

Well, this isn't about that.

My wife and I are Karezza newbies and yesterday I wanted to report something really fun. We were holding hands on the beach and I could feel energy from her hands going into my body and I had this mini orgasm for a period just walking on the beach. It was pretty cool. I didn't have a full on erection but my penis was a bit full, nothing embarrassing and I wasn't in my mini Speedo either :P fortunately.

Anyway, this is all pretty cool stuff. It's such an amazing turn-on. Karezza has brought me so much more pleasure and happiness than I dreamed possible. And it never stops.

I also think there are other benefits of plenty and wealth that I think Karezza brings. It creates relaxation and lets me sublimate my sexual energy into productive wealth building while relaxing and letting the Universe flow to me.

Just sayin'.



Very nice! Great account of

Very nice! Great account of a wonderful experience. You are becoming a leading beacon for karezza.

Wow, just the thought of a warm beach...we are in the middle of winter, snow...ice...grey sky...ahhh beach.

yeah indeed

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the month with my wife on the beach, well in a beach house anyway, and the weather has been great. It's given us an unusual setting to pursue Karezza and helped us move a lot faster than we would have I think if we had just stayed home.

Wow! Congrats on all your

Wow! Congrats on all your love making success. I've been reading all your posts and I'm starting to really want to try karezza...of course after I reboot. I like how you mention using the energy karezza brings you into your career endeavors. I have always been curious about sexual transmutation after reading Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.