Birth control pills with this method?

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Hi, I'm a gnostic student from Mexico and I'm going to order this book for me and my girlfriend. I'm familiar with the teachings in it and I have some questions:

For the gnostic standpoint, birth control pills are bad for the spiritual work, I don't know if they interfer to some extent to the flow of energies. I have experienced normal sex and I know about the hangover and detachment feelings which I no longer want in my life. However I don't know when I'm going to marry my girlfriend and she is curious about trying this method but is afraid of getting pregnant.

Alghough the possibility is low there is still a risk, and so we want to know if we can try this method with birth control pills. I want to know if the magnetism, deep love connection and unification can still take place if the act is performed as stated in the book but under BCP. Basically I want to show her that this method feels much better than normal sex and it is better for a relationship and see the benefits, once we get married we can give up the BCP.

Or it just doesn't work with BCP?

Maybe someone else

has some experience with this. I've always avoided BCPs like the plague. I just didn't like the idea of something artificially altering my hormone levels. I think you're both wise to make sure you avoid pregnancy, though.

Hotspring has a good thread on this, which you might find interesting. Since she's online, she's probably directing you there now. If not, I will later.:-)

I'm personally very opposed

I'm personally very opposed to birth control pills.

Here are some of my perspectives on the importance of partner-based birth control And here are some of the reasons I think that hormonal birth control is so bad, excerpted from an article in that node on nonhormonal male birth control:

Physical: “Side effects can include nausea, vomiting, headaches, moodiness, breakthrough bleeding, and breast tenderness” (MCIP website). MCIP also mentions bone thinning and prolonged bleeding (Depo Provera), weight gain, and limited use for breastfeeding women.

MCIP also mentions that “the Pill appears particularly problematic for South American women, who tend to experience more side effects because they tend to be significantly smaller, . . . than the North American women for whom the Pills are designed” (MCIP website).

In addition, there is the issue of interference with thyroid health, and a loss of interest in sex - a considerable disadvantage surprisingly not mentioned in standard texts. Apparently estrogen increases the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which also happens to bind with thyroid hormone. 10-15% of women already have thyroid disturbances. Even for those who don’t, the increase in estrogen from hormonal birth control can interfere with the vital functions of the thyroid, which is responsible for such important processes as regulating “mood, energy, and the function of nearly every organ in the body” (MCIP website). SHBG also binds to testosterone, which results in what MCIP kindly calls a “second contraceptive effect” – that of disinterest in sex.

Ecological Implications of Hormonal Birth Control

With synthetic estrogens passing through urine into water systems, there is much cause for concern, since these estrogens affect fish and wildlife, and therefore the reproductive capacities of wildlife – where they then can get reintroduced into human systems through the food chain. The Male Contraception Information Project points out that “hormone mimics in the food chain are starting to have a negative effect on human reproduction as well.”

I know that my proposed parnter-based birth control method is not for everyone. For one thing, both people have to have confidence in it as a method, which is not always the case. You can read here about my struggles trying to use this as a form of birth control with someone who did not have faith in it as a method. But when both people see the logic of this method and use all aspects of it, I have found it to be very liberating. So it is at least worth knowing about for a later date.

Hormonal birth control changes the entire body chemistry. However, it is the best choice for some women who consider it a hassle to take the time to know their fertility cycles.

Birth control is a personal choice, and what is good for one woman may not be good for another. But ultimately, since sex is an act involving two people, I prefer a method that requires responsibility of both people and makes fertility awareness an opportunity for greater intimacy through explicit communication.

All of this just to say: there is another option out there! Whether or not it is the right time for you as a couple to explore this option is something you must decide. BUT - it happens to work very well with nonorgasmic lovemaking.

Happy lovemaking!