Penis tug - Another energy circulation idea

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I discovered this by chance when reading something about Qi Gong. I'm learning as I go. It's a new experience for me so I'm curious if others find this works. I'm not going to intentionally test this. More tools are helpful. I'm guessing this could work with a partner too.

I already know that cupping an erection can make it subside. This seems to be a mirror energy. It seems to work better standing or perhaps lying down. The idea is to grasp the penis tightly and gently tug on the penis in manner linear to the entire penis including the inner penis. So far, I find using two hands seems to complete the energy circuits or maybe just make it easier somehow by distributing the tension on the penis. A second palm also transmits more soothing energy. The goal is not to move the hands in relation to the penis (non-stimulating touch) or to actually pull the penis in any significant way. The intensity of this energy seems to work faster than cupping. It also seems more lasting. This could be a viable option for those that find themselves overstimulated and need a higher energy way to cool down. Cupping isn't always practical when the lizard brain is in control. This could work instead. I'll experiment a little more perhaps with morning erections. Those can be sometimes be resistant to cupping.

I don't think it does. There

I don't think it does. There are breath aspects as in Male Deer Exercise. Reading something else on Qi Gong was a trigger for my subconscious discovery. I'm not positive about the details. I'll keep watching. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone like Chia chime in. We're wandering in the dark. Maybe that's the way.