Day 82 all who are struggling, persevere!

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After moing just two days ago then three days before that I still had two wet dreams last night, my erection woke me up at like 4am, and I awoke with a massive hard on. This reboot thing works you guys, keep strong and persevere through it. I had the worst reboot ever, I did not feel happiness for 7-9 Total weeks and now I feel amazing, everyday.

I see people relapsing and can only imagine that they haven't hit the bottom before reboot. I was mortified to masterbate during reboot. Three separate occasions I failed to perform. A chick actually said "are you ready? You didn't come over to play paddy cake" or another after I didn't have an erection saying " grandma grandma grandma" obviously pointing out what she thought was my thought process.

So I vowed to reboot until I thought things were back in action. How could I afford to relapse? So if your having issues w relapse maybe you haven't been mortified like me... And if you have, use that as your motivation. It worked for me and now I feel great, everyday.


Thank you for the encouragement!

I'm confused though...Day 82 of what? No Porn?
Were your 7-9 weeks free of P, M, and O? Just curious, I'm heading for that.

That SUCKS what those chicks were saying! I've had ED a few times with really sweet girls--in fact it only spurred them to want to put in WORK--and even THAT sucked. Still, you've put the fear of God in me, haha!

Day 82 of no porn, but i

Day 82 of no porn, but i have been cutting back on porn for about a year and even more so since about June. So it's been awhile.

I'm saying week 2-9 or so were hell so about seven or more weeks I felt awful. I was free of pmo.

Ya dude it was awful, you don't want to be in my situation so just keep truckin

Way to go..

Connnnnnnnngggrrrrraaaaatttttttsss... lesson learned ha?? no slipping back any more :)

Without discipline chaos is inevitable and man will rush after his desires blindly.

Well done man. I have to say

Well done man. I have to say I'm quite grossed out by those girls you're talking about. They sure had no clue how to make a guy feel relaxed. Seems like society thinks that guys are just fuckmachines that are always ready to go or something. But on the other hand, you made that bad experience work in your favor now, so that's really nice. Keep at it.

Ya dude it's true that's

Ya dude it's true that's totally how some (especially girls at parties) think. One chick literally just told me she wanted my cock. Weird society we live in unless I could have performed! Then I would be stoked haha Wink

I quote you: "I had the

I quote you: "I had the worst reboot ever, I did not feel happiness for 7-9 weeks and now I feel amazing, everyday."

That was exactly what I needed to read bro. I have been through this shit for 8 weeks, no porn and MO just once on day 52. No results, no cravings, just flatline 100% of the way. Small spikes in libido. No spontaneous erections and very infrequent morning woods. But for you to go that long and finally see results, gives me MUCH more confidence.

Stay in the fight man, keep us posted.
Best of luck.

Stay positive too dude you'd

Stay positive too dude you'd be surprised at how easily you can talk your way out of horniness. You will get libido I guarantee it. Just takes some time. Personally how I knew that I was ready was when I was either going to mo or pmo no other options I needed release. Luckily I chose to mo and have felt great since. I have been cutting back porn for about a year though