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I just wanted to see your take on this. Whats the difference between love and companionship? I can see "love" for family members, but is there such a thing as "true love" or is that fairy tale stuff?


Guess I don't

think about things in those categories anymore. I think genuine attachment is possible between adult partners. In fact, I think that's the only kind of monogamy that has any meaning.

"Love" on the other hand is often confused with honeymoon neurochemistry...which is mostly biological noise. Smile This post has a bit on the elements of honeymoon neurochemistry: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cupids-poisoned-arrow/201111/will-or...


In love=lust
Love=neurochemical noise
Attachment=committed bonding neurochemistry

Or something like that? You could start a war dethroning love. Others have too. Where do you see this differing from attachment theory or is this just neuroscience behind that?


Would the motivation just be to have a partner in life that you are compatible with and vice versa? I have come across several lovelorn females in the past where their life goal was to find Mr. Right so they could live happily ever after but isnt the reason their always looking is because they are looking for something that doesnt exist? They were looking for someone to make "them" happy when nobody can really fulfill that role, at least in the long term. Isnt that something that has to come from within?

I guess what kills any type of debate over "real love" for me is the fact that we usually find our mate within proximity.

Why would one neurochemical

Why would one neurochemical result have more meaning than another?

Love, attachment, sadness, misery, hunger, pride, pain, joy, happiness, depression - all of it just the result of various neuro chemicals on the human system.