Insight addiction?

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Hey, all,
In the interest of informing myself as well as I can and to foster my deep desire to approach my sexuality and relationships differently in the future, I have been examining past and present behaviors in the light of anything that might be causing dopamine peaks and valleys, because I know that all of those behaviors are connected.
(A little history: I have a ninety-proof gene pool--alcoholism is prevalent in my family. I am a nurse who has worked at a treatment center. I am well acquainted with addictive personalities and behaviors.).
Since December of 2006, I have been in a quantum personal growth curve, and the following question arose:
Does anyone know what is happening neuro/biochemically when we have those "Eureka" or "Aha" moments of deep insight? I feel such joy and delight when something rises to my conscious mind, when I understand something I've been striving to understand, or when a new bit of information resonates with me. A friend of mine and I were talking and he suggested my "Aha" and deep insights might be having a neurochemically addictive effect. I disagree, but would welcome feedback.
I know all too well the effects of dopamine in addictive behaviors, and this does not feel like that; it's more of a feeling of connection and deep contentment, of validation, empowerment and strength.....hmmm...sounds like happiness, doesn't it?
Your comments are welcome, as well as links or paths to other info around this.