One (long term) partner at a time?

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I have this little question, would it be better if we have one long term partner with whom to explore and experiment? Or would sacred sex and intimacy work just as well with multiple partners? It seems some people like to have a couple of partners at the same time. Or just have not long lasting or on-off relationships.

I don't know why, but for some reasons it often makes me feel uneasy when someone mentions that they have more than one sexual partner, or that they are often intimate and sexual with friends. Maybe it's just my conditioning, I dunno.

Maybe it's just that I'm virgin and know nothing about the reality. :p

And one more wondering.. would people still break up and change partners if they made love in the peaceful way? Meaning here, are we meant to be with the same person the whole life?

And some more

And some more thoughts...

What if there's nothing to heal in me? :) If everything is healed, what's then next?
And wouldn't it make us "needy"? Couldn't and shouldn't we heal ourselves by ourselves, and leaving the relationships for fun and games? We should be totally OK even with no relationships, or?


That's what I think the ancient traditions who preserved this information were getting at. That is, when you learn to master your own sexual energy, so you're NOT feeling horny or needy all the time, then you have energy and love to GIVE another. When your partner does the same thing - which is a lot easier with karezza - then between you, you have "extra" energy.

That's where the synergy comes from. Smile

For me the goal is to get centered and stay centered not just for my own benefit, or my partner's, but also so I can hear what the Divine has in mind for my life. In that sense, this practice can ultimately become a spiritual practice. Just as a monk meditates to align with divine will, karezza lovers smooch their way to centeredness. Kiss 2

Although I think this approach is the best possible way to sustain relationships, that is not its ultimate goal. For example, it may be Divine Will for you to be with someone so you can nourish each other while you both wait for your ideal partners. Once you set your will aside, such an arrangement is not troubling. You just give all you can to your current partner, knowing you are helping him or her - as well as one of your sisters or brothers.

As a key gift of karezza is to strengthen emotional bonds and deep, subconscious trust, it works best between exclusive partners. So I think your instincts are good.

similar question

I loved the idea of karezza but I had similar concerns about whether it would work for multiple partner relationships. I consider myself a follower of polyamory - "loving more than one" - the idea that we can engage in love relationship with more than one person at a time. This love may be sexual, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof, according to the desires and agreements of the individuals involved.

Since karezza approach seems to require a lot of commitment and time together, I am not sure if there is a possibility for other people to fit in. For example, as far as I understand, practicing karezza requires sleeping together and spending time together every day, and regular practice of a non-goal-oriented intercourse. It just seems impossible for another relationship to fit in.