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Hi. Forgive me I am not sure as to were to post this,

I am on my 7th (going my 8th) day of no masturbating. The thing is, is last night I had a wet dream. Does that mean it is counted as masturbation since I had an orgasm? Does this mean I have to start all over again?

P.s How do I stop wet dreams?

Thank you!

You can't. ;-)

Relax, and keep going. Some people have wet dreams; some don't. The key thing is to regain control of your mind so you're not stuck in a compulsive cycle (if you have been). Sounds like you're making good progress. Just observe all of the effects of your experiment. It will teach you everything you need to know, in time.

Quite honestly,

I can't say. Some people say they don't notice that much in the way of effects from a wet dream. Some of us *always* seem to notice some effects.:-) Let us know what your experience is. Remember, it often seems like the effects are due to the behavior of others, so watch for emotional friction that you don't cause, too.