Pregnancy - Trying for a Baby while on the program

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Hi I am 33 and my husband is 37
I would like to hear from people about their experience with the program and trying for a baby can the two go together?
My husband and I are going to begin the program Ecstatic Exchanges (Peace Between The Sheets) yet, in 4 weeks time we wish to conceive or try too...
This is my first post so I hope I am doing this correctly?

Why don't you just try the

Why don't you just try the EE's for 4 weeks, then put that aside while you try to conceive, and then after, if you are successful, you can decide how you want to continue long-term.

The Exchanges

can be a surprisingly effective form of birth control. (No, I am not making any guarantees, or suggesting conventional birth control may be omitted.) They are intended for people who are not in the baby business.

In contrast, Mother Nature's plan is very efficient when it comes to conception. Smile

Thank you

Thank you for your response Mitsiky and Marnia, I have also found some comments from past posts that were also helpful!

This is a great forum!

We hope it is Mother Natures plan to smile on us, what ever it shall be...