Chronic fatigue & wet dreams

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Well done Marnia on the work you are doing- you are helping a lot of people in the world to make practical use of the many ancient teachings and scientific findings.
I have had an illness for around 10 years that some doctors have diagnosed as "chronic fatigue". I'm not too concerned about the diagnosis itself, but the effects of the illness are difficult to deal with at times.
It began to appear when I was about 15 years old and spiked at around age 23/24. During that time, there was a lot of stress, addiction (drugs and alcohol), masturbation and "hot sex relationships." In short, I wired the brain for orgasm in a big way and seriously diminished the sexual energy not to mention the effects on the nervous sytem and immune function.
Today I am happily married and myself and my wife are working to create a healing relationship. The problem is I still go through phases of low energy, and get colds/flu very easily and when this happens I easily have wet dreams or just ejeculate at night and not even have any erotic dream at all (not that I can recall anyway). Also, even when I am "well", the most I can go is about two or three weeks before another ejaculation happens automatically. It is almost as though there is some barrier at the two-three week mark that the body doesn't want to go through- but accoring to you work it should be getting easier by that stage (?)
I read some of the comments about wet dreams on the other forum- for me it does have a noticably negative effect on mind/emotions etc. and I would like to resolve it. Any further advice on this as despite my efforts it is getting really frustrating.


well, even I'm learning that if you lay down a strong "go for it!" brain pathway, you have more than the two-week cycle stacked against you. However, I firmly believe that you will find your way through the thicket, even if it feels like you're not making progress.

I wish I knew more. If it were me, I'd do some inner listening. You could try this oracle:

I'd also be happy to send you the new, simplified Exchanges from the new book. You could see if they move you past the invisible barrier. Let me know if you want them. There are 21 of them, and they emphasize the bonding behaviors discussed in this article:

Anyone else have any suggestions?