Re-uniting must be centred on God consciousness

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The Separation from the Divine

-- Article available at request from Marnia --


I'd like to include this in November's newsletter, as I haven't done anything on Sufism, and have always longed to know more about it.

Everything you've said resonates strongly with what I've been learning via Taoism and Gnosticism...and inner listening. It's such a good feeling to see the oneness behind the apparent contradictions.


You're welcome.

I just feel that the situation is appalling and its time that people became more aware of the huge gulf that separates not only the two genders; but of religion and esoteric spirituality that conforms with the true reality of marriage (which transcends 'sex' ultimately).

You're right,

and my interest in this material began as a spiritual quest. Yet even gnostic-style (and maybe Sufi-style?) thinkers can be very slow to open their minds to the potential role of union in healing our spiritual perception. Most tend to think of them only in terms of procreation.

I'm now reading books by Tobias Churton, who notes the parallels between Gnosticism and Sufism (and many other examples of expansive thinking...or "God-consciousness" that goes beyond material plane preoccupations). Not sure he sees a role for relationships...but I'm reading eagerly!

Book titles:

The Gnostics
Gnostic Philosophy

I concur with your feelings

I concur with your feelings that its part of spirituality; and its an important part too. Although it does naturally make me sad that union between the genders is seen merely for procreation; I do feel that it needs to be strictly in the context of marriage and to cement a spiritually intelligent union. It is about consummating an ordinary healthy harmony that one has for each other - with less focus on the pleasure of the act but simply on merging the energies and the consciousness. This will, I believe, greatly help the harmony in the everyday relationship and reduce dependence on 'sex' to satisfy intimacy. It is of course; a massive battle though. The sex-forces are very powerful and one is playing with fire everytime you approach the sexual act. Its a very intense and disturbing state of affairs given how much nervous energy is essentially involved.

Thanks for the book notification...I shall see if I can get hold of a copy when I have the time.