Day 6: The Gift of Normal

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We're big on acronyms where I work, so I created a new one this morning:
"OAW", for "orgasmically abstinent woman/women". It sounds like "Wow" when you say it Wink
Thank you, Great Mother, that my sense of humor has not been destroyed in this process.
If I may, I will ask you all to be mindful of what a gift "normal" is.
I feel "normal" this morning---I mean, at this moment, I feel like my usual self. I feel like I am in possession of my Self again, like I am at home in my brain and my body. I understand, depending on the brain chemicals, this could change, but for right now, I am reveling in it.
In fact, I feel joyful, light, free. I don't know if this is a swing to the other side to try to find balance, or if it is my usual state. If it's my usual state, I'm pretty damn lucky.
S. gave notice last night that he'll be moving the first week of next month.
I am not behaving in a way that works for him, and he "can't live in this environment". Because I am in a serious learning curve and have a great deal of love and respect for our Marnia, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but my gut says there are much deeper issues than post-orgasmic brain fallout going on here. All I can say is that I am relieved. I'll leave it at that for now.
Now I'm off to CF's thread...
Have a shiny day,



Acronyms are useful for naming things we talk about frequently. I nominate Post-Orgasmic Brain Fallout as another phrase worthy of being given an acronym.

Post-Orgasmic Brain Fallout. Just love the mental pictures that give me! Smile

"Oops, my brain just fell out. Wait a minute while I put it back where it belongs."

I can also see the radioactive fallout from an orgasm-created mushroom cloud.


POBF, yep that has to go on the official Reuniting acronym list!
Maybe when our brains fall out, we can give 'em a good scrub before we put 'em back, and eventually, things will get better Wink


Patient Gumby to Dr. Gumby: "My brain hurts!!!"
Dr. Gumby to Patient Gumby: "It will have to come out!!!"

God bless Monty Python

Beware of the dog, and don't underestimate the cat Wink



Speaking of official Reuniting acronym list, should those be documented somewhere?
Or does this list already exist (and nobody bothered to notify me!) ?