Aggression As Rewarding As Sex, Food And Drugs, New Research Shows

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I've often believed that lust and aggression are particularly closely related in a lot of men. The thought of 'possessing' a beautiful woman with aggressive dominant intercourse likely triggers the same reward chemistry and centres in the brain; probably also why Kissinger said "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". Power of course, although it can be created in theory without aggression...has been linked with aggressive dominance and invasions, wars, etc and that indeed must be part of the same primitive reward-system.

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Thanks for posting this

We saw this when it came out. Also, there was a discussion on this forum some months ago about the connection/association between sex and violence. It's a heavy burden for men to have a primitive part of their brains triggered in this way, at a subconscious level.

The good news is that pair-bonding and social interaction *also* light up the reward center - in both sexes. We humans just don't seem to give ourselves those rewards as often. However, as we learn the benefits of those rewards, which are many and quite important to our overall wellbeing (unlike the short-term, more intense rewards of orgasm and violence), we can consciously steer for the more beneficial rewards. At least that's our hope....