What an Incredible Journey!

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Dear Marnia, Friends, and Newcomers,

What an incredible journey I've found myself embarked upon. Not long ago, my love life was like a stormy sea and at the helm of my ship, I had no idea what to do. Then, out of the fog, this lady named Marnia Robinson dropped onto the deck with a precision guided parachute. She gave me a little lesson in how to steer out of the storm.

Friends, I can't say for sure yet, but I believe that "Peace" has changed my life forever. I had no idea that there was such a case to be made for orgasm avoidance. As you can see in my posts, I used to be a compulsive masturbator, but no more! In the past, the longest I ever went without orgasm was a few weeks; but now that I've adopted the attitude that orgasm isn't important and that there is something much more rewarding out there, I just ended with an accidental spill ( which could have been avoided, actually ) almost six weeks of orgasm avoidance!

During that time, I got to experience the orgasm withdrawal symptoms that Marnia describes in "Peace". Second, I got to understand that as Marnia teaches, avoiding orgasm allows you to concentrate on the joy of *giving* when it comes to love instead of *grabbing*. I've had the opportunity to get to know a very wonderful young lady and without worrying about sexual issues, I am becoming familiar with real love. It will certainly take much more time, but that's something that I'm willing to invest for this lady. This story is coming to you from the man who hasn't had a serious relationship in several *years*. Finally, I'm beginning to glimpse what is possible when you experience true love without the obsession with orgasm.

Marnia also helped me make sense of many of the negative emotions that I experience sometimes regarding women. Were it not for her explanation of the so-called "intimacy sabotaging device" in the psyche, I would be even more confused and I would have no idea what to do.

I feel confident that in spite of my spill today, I will be able to keep going. I feel optimistic, but concerned about how my body will react to this spill for the next few weeks. Hopefully, it will be more comfortable than it was when I originally stopped my habit cold turkey. With my First Officer Robinson on deck, I should be able to handle it.

Kind regards and best wishes to all of you.

PS: Were it not for my wonderful First Officer, I have little doubt that I would be still stuck back in the storm of daily compulsive masturbation instead of cultivating love with a wonderful lady.

So Good to hear of your

So Good to hear of your growing capaciy for love. And that That's who you have become. Occaisional discomfort for the next week or so can't stop you now. I doubt that you will feel crappy all the time in the withdrawl phase. What about just going ahead being in love and expecting joy? I think you will.

I'm back again. It's been

I'm back again. It's been over a year. I've had a bumpy ride, and I want to come back here. You see, there is one thing that I learned from PBTS that I am grateful for even if it could be shown that the entire theory is bunk.

That is, I learned to love. Up until last year, I was so fixated on my own sexual issues that I forgot to love the women in my life. When I read Marnia's theory in PBTS, I may have never realized that.

Once I made it my intention to love someone, to make her feel safe and happy with me, guess what? A woman appeared in my life who loves me. I've ordered Cupid's Poisoned Arrow so I can see the ideas in the new book.

I'm glad to be back.

Marnia, thanks for taking the time to teach as you have.

That's a lovely story

I'm happy a goddess has showed up in your life and that you are treating each other well.

Let me know what you think of the new book. It's quite different thanks to all the valuable input of the forum visitors. Still - as I tell people - it has the "same great plot". Wink

"Bunk" indeed! Smile