"Hymn to the Eternal Female" by Teilhard de Chardin

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(this is an English translation of a German translation of an original French wroting by de Chardin)

I appeared from the beginning of the world.

Everything in the Universe is a work of unification and fertilization - occurring through the gathering of the elements, who look for each other, melt together two by two and are thus reborn in a third. (...)

I am the uniting face of all existence - I am the god scent, attracting them in freedom and passion on the path to their union and to Myself.
Through me everything moves and relates. I am the female essence. In life I have begun to reveal my Self.
When a man loves a women he has, first, the notion that he approaches an individual being, just as he is, who he embraces as well as he can, and who he joins with freely.
While he surrounds my face with a nimbus he discovers a radiation, making his heart receptive and all things shine.

He interprets the shining of my essence as a subjective reflection of his enthusiastic mind, or a mere reflection of my beauty on the multiple facets of nature. Soon, however, he is astonished by the monster emerging within him when I approach. He realizes that he can only unite with me if he allows himself the inevitability of touch, as a servant of the universal work of Creation.

He thought that, on my side, he would find a companion: but he realizes now that in me he touches the mysterious power, the mysterious secret that takes him.

Those who find me are standing at the entrance of all things (...)
I am the magic of the universal presence and its many-faced smile.
I am the access to the heart of All Creation - the gateway to the Earth - the initiation (...)

Those who take me surrender to me and will be taken by the Universe (...)

When he realized that I was the Universe for him he believed he could embrace me with his arms.
He wanted to lock himself to me in a closed world of two where we would be enough for each other. (...)
Exactly in this moment I vanished from his hands (...) it may have seemed as if I were the doom of humanity - the temptation. (...)
From the moment you try to hold me and possess me as a totally willing figure, you suffocate me. (...)
You spoil me, purposefully you turn my essence upside down (...)
But I seduce the light I take with me, into freedom. (...)
I am the incorruptible beauty of the future, the female ideal.