Fertilizing the realizations of this site; pt. 2

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Recently I decided I want to try "the masters cleanse", which is basically a 10 day total body detox program. I have a friend who has done it, and he boasts amazing results.

I was talking about doing it once I move into my house on campus next week, as it will also save me $$ on food! My brother is a skeptic. He thinks that the detox craze is all hype and mumbo-jumbo. He says that the sole function of the liver is to process out all manner of toxins in the body, and thus thinks that the 'benefits' people report after such detox diets are actually just psychological effects of people who really want to believe they are helping their body. (He is no expert, btw. just strongly opinionated.) So basically, He is citing the Placebo Effect.

This got me to thinking yesterday, that perhaps this non-orgasmic program proceeds in a similar fashion - I'll preface that to say that the benefits I have listed in previous blogs are as true now as they were a month ago, and I am still loving my continence - But the allure of "neuro-chemistry balance", and an end to my depression are alluring enough that I believe something like a Placebo Effect could be occurring right here at this site. In my own body. I want to believe that I am on a path of healing, and recovery, and I really do believe that I have overcome depression because of this site...

But here is my point: Science does not work quite that way.

and then I recalled Hotsprings post maybe a month ago "Fertilizing the realizations of this site" where she challenged us to be more proactive in actually DOING instead of merely musing. Hotspring, if you were disappointed that maybe your plea wasn't heard, you did make a splash - like a pebble in a pond - and the ripples are carrying yet.

So last night I was thinking that we - members of this site - should construct a study. This is something that we could have participation from various members. I am thinking that we could outline how data should be collected - making an effort to eliminate bias - Both qualitative (which we have *lots* of qualitative data to draw from here) but also quantitative. Marnia could use the resources that we help to provide.

We could very well set up a number of studies. one emphasizing A non-orgasmic approach to lovemaking for partners, a qualitative study which engages couples willing to try the exchanges over a period of time, willing to share the results. *anyone want to come up with questions for a survey?*

another study could look into a non-orgasmic solution for porn addicts... Mars (and Josef) provided an excellent way to gather quantitative data in the post from a few days ago. I was thinking that the chart could be expanded to *also* include a way to record mood swings/other post-orgasm symptoms. (qualitative surveys could also legitimize that).

I am not suggesting that we have all the resources to actually *conduct* a study. But if we set them up, it is possible that we could seek out professionals - or sociology students - who would be interested in actually performing a study - something that could be published - which could help to legitimize to the scientific community the realizations on this site.

To start, I would love to see some brainstorming happen in response to this post. any thoughts, responses?