Porn Addiction Sites With Conlficting Views

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Hi all, I've been doing a lot of research on my own without any help from a professional therapist(which is probably not the best approach) and have come across a lot of sites with sometimes slight and sometimes hugely different views on overcoming porn addiction. I'm thinking that getting an everage from all may help. Here are a few of the sites I've personally read into:

No-porn - A pornographic addict ebook site - A free porn addiction help blog and forum - A site to help spouses of porn addicts - Another ebook I have yet to read

Anyway, there are more, I'm just wondering with all the sources out there if I can get a consensus on the best sources of info and help.

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What are the main contradictions?

As for a therapist, I dunno... psychotherapy doesn't have a very good track record with addiction. Or did you mean a specialized addiction counselor (not a therapist)? My counselor friend hits me upside the head every time I forget and call him a therapist. Not literally, but still, he hates when the terms get confused, cuz they're pretty different. The main difference, he says, is that counselors get into the spiritual aspect that's so critical to recovery. Therapists don't, instead focusing on mental stuff.

Do you go to SLAA meetings? I think they might be better than a counselor in some ways, and free too.

But anyway, yeah, I'm sure there are going to be tons of contradictions. None will recommend orgasmic continence and karezza most likely! But that's the approach here, and the good thing about it is that it's not just about removing a negative, but also increasing the positive... in a big way.

Multiple posts

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In my own psychotherapy there were spiritual matters involved all the time. There are therapies out there that deal with that and Grof (Breathwork, Psychotherapy) himself founded the spiritual-emergency-network. (SEN)
A lot of psychotherapists deal with it, because transpersonal/spiritual matters come up in any work on yourself. They will. Certainly. Old school therapists call it defense or whatever and try to eliminate it (that's a fatal mistake!). Maybe practitioners are more open to it than docs. But there are a lot of pschotherapies out there that deal with it.

Btw onthesearch WHAT are the contradictions??? Would be interesting to hear about it.


Well, my friend is a Christian, so he when he said "spiritual," he meant faith in God. You know, like how in AA one of the main things that helps is to surrender to a power greater than yourself. Psychotherapy probably doesn't get so religious. Another one of my dreams in life is to get rid of this sticking point in AA.

Contradictions ?

There is a saying within the 12 steps community. "You take in what you like and you ignore what you don't". The same approach towards recovery might not work for everyone since we are all different.

The spiritual approach that the 12 step communities use works for me and are a proven way to recover.However i think that there is many other ways to recover that works as well. Each individual has to find his/her own way to recovery. I took the one that has the best "track record" of breaking addiction cycle.

I am also interested in the actual differences that you have discovered, if you share them, we could perhaps share our thoughts on it.

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