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Phases after an orgasm

I have been testing the phases after the orgasm for 3 years now, and what I have fond out is that there are tree or four clearly defined phases:

1-Orgasm and 24 hours after: a happy, relaxed and unmotivated state. Maybe a result of a mix of endorfines, oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin.
2-Anxiety for 2-3 days: this phase resembles a amphetamine hangover. Maybe result of a end in endorphine effect and high prolactine levels. For me this phase is more easy to note in social situations (social anxiety), and this maybe is a sign of a drop in oxytocin.
3-A increase in motivation and drive that becomes very pronunced at day 7. For what i have read on this website this is a result of the testosterone receptors return to normal levels, with the parallel increase of dopamine levels. This results in an increase in confidence and motivation.
4-A gradual increase and stabilization of confidence and motivation.

I wil add that I have not practiced karezza but a more energic type of intercourse were I go so near orgasm as posible and prolong the intercourse. This is not because I want to aproach orgasm but because I and my parthner become too passionate.

I can think that with karezza there is a more pronunced increase in oxytocin in contrast with passionate sex (without orgasm), but with passionate sex I do not feel the frustation that other mention. Maybe is because I have learned to prolong the intercourse, but this results that after one week there is an unvoluntary orgasm. The most interesting thing is that a orgasm after many days of non orgasmic sex does not feel as good as a orgasm in normal intercourse.

As said before I have not tried karezza for more than short periods, and the longest period with intense sex without orgasm was 45 days. The feeling of that period was fabulous, so if karezza is better wow... that most be incredible.

Thank you for taking the time

to share your experience. It's very helpful to everyone.

Yes, it seems that as the brain switches over to finding other kinds of pleasure during intimacy, the orgasm sometimes doesn't register as so delicious...which, of course, makes it easier to pass it up. Wink I don't know whether it just seemed more delicious when it was the sole source of pleasure, or if something else is going on.

Do you notice any difference *after* the orgasm when you have one?

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