In the City

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I live a rather insular rural life. At home I am involved with my wife, and in town I always see someone I know.
Monday and Tuesday I was alone and anonymous in the city. The temptations abound. 96 degree heat and the college girls aren't wearing much clothes. The working women are looking really smart in their suits. So many interesting people on the tram. Will she look?
Complimentary cocktails at the hotel. Who's at the bar?
Lonely boredom. Who's alone? staying the night?
Cable TV and broadband internet...just keep clicking.

It went well. I wasted a couple of hours 10:30-12:30 flipping TV channels but otherwise no acting out.

The pull is so strong. The struggle of the single young man is tremendous. I honor you guys for your efforts. Siddhartha was an old man when he became enlightened.
Peace and Understanding