Diet and libido

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A Member of this Forum wrote me privately the following. Hoping that other Members may find my elaborations of some interest, i am answering Him publicly while keeping His identity anonimous.

"Can you expound upon how you silenced your libido through diet? I am very interested in silencing mine as well"

"Been working on it for several years. Avoiding visual stimulus whenever possible, celibacy, stopped masturbation, keeping busy, but still, out of nowhere it pops back up. Always a constant battle. It is so pleasant when it just goes away....Ahh...."

First of all, let me clarify that my diet reform was motivated, at the beginning, by old and serious health issues that Medicine was not able to manage with any degree of success. At that time the diet-libido connection was outside the range of even my suspicion, let alone my understanding: it was to be discovered many years later when a high degree of detoxication was accomplished.

Dietary detoxication - i say "dietary" because the toxicity of our Organisms is fundamentally of dietary source - equates to a spontaneous normalization of our physiological, neurological and biochemical processes. There is absolutely NO need for us to understand the complex intricasies of these processes, for our Organisms are intelligently empowered to overcome all their disfunctions once they are freed from the their three dietary enemies: starch, fat and fire, these being responsible for turning them into walking cesspits.

Libido is the expression of a chronic inflammation of the sexual organization, and inflammation IS pathology. But, please, make no mistake to believe that this inflammation is the "problem", for it is simply the "symptom", and acting upon it - as most unfortunately too many people do - leads to NO solution. Solution lies "only" in acting upon the "problem", this being DIET. You yourself are acknowledging to have "been working on it for several years" without any success, and this is quite logical, for it is an impossibility to put out a fire while fuelling it. You need to stop the fuel - that is, the perverse diet of Civilization - in order to accomplish Your objective.

This clarified, the approach that i have developed over the years to undertaking successfully the elimination of the three indicted elements - starch, fat and fire - is the following: 1. Introducing, first, in Your daily life two fundamental factors: an abundance of freshly expressed vegetables juices and an 18-hours-period of zero food intake. During this process the only solid meal of the day will continue to be the regular diet You are presently adhering to. And 2. When this new dietary structure - "vegetables juice" - "regular solid meal" - "18-hours-zero-intake" - is fully established in Your daily dietary life style, then will be time to address the reform of Your diet by gradually and sequentially removing first "starch", followed by "fat" and finally by "fire". The end result of this long process will be a diet made of a vegetables juice, in the morning, breaking the 18-hours-fast, plus a solid mono-fruit meal 3 or 4 hours later. On this diet - which, incidentally, is the very diet prescribed to Mankind, thousands of years ago, in a very old Book nowdays fallen in disrepute - You will, for the first time in Your entire life, experience "freedom" from the slavery of libido, freedom from most pathologies, freedom from the common mental blindness, freedom from being an animal, for You will finally perceive Your true identity: a fallen Divine Androgyne.

With my sincere hope that i have helped You a little.

jb Mirabile-caruso.


It's always interesting to hear of other's voyages of discovery.

That said, some people need a good bit of protein, and all of us seem to need healthy oils in our diet, least until we're "breatharians." Maybe you're getting there, jb!


Proteins and fats are needed by our Organisms, but only for their "true" biological purposes: proteins for reconstruction and fats for certain vitamins' solubility. But we have gone far astray, however, for we are now using these two nutrients as calorie-generators, perverting, in so doing, our physiologies. The biological source of calories is "simple carbohydrates" as found in fruits, while "fat" and "starch", de facto, are the two most powerful dependences we are hopelessly enslaved to. These remarks should NOT come from a layman as myself, but from Science which - irony of all ironies!!! - holds and teaches the very opposite.

The chronic toxicity of our Organisms i was referring to in the interaction with my anonymous interlocutor comes exactly from "starch" and "fat", united in marriage by the priest of Satan: "fire". May i invite You, Marnia, to accord a much closer observation to these three foes of Humanity along to their implications to our biochemistry, physiology and neurology.

With my sincere regards.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

Caloric restriction

Yes, Amari, caloric restriction DOES result in a decrease in libido. But, please, follow the dynamics: less calories = less food = less toxicity produced = less inflammation = less libido.

Please observe, however, that You absolutely need closely counting the calories as long as You persist in eating the "supposed" foods "starch" and "fat" united in marriage by "fire".
For when You abandon them in favor of "starchless green leafy vegetables" and "juicy & sweet fresh fruits", then the caloric mathematical calculations are no longer necessary: an observation, this, which deserves, i think, our full reflection.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

Quote Mirabile-caruso:

Quote Mirabile-caruso: which, incidentally, is the very diet prescribed to Mankind, thousands of years ago, in a very old Book nowdays fallen in disrepute.

What book is this? may I ask.

Sam, since You asked......

i tell You that the book is the Bible. I intentionally avoided the use of the word "Bible" to prevent the potential disturbance of the sensitivities of the many who subscribe to the Darwinian evolution theory. Actually, i should not even use the word "theory", for the expected correct word would be "certainty". But this last word could well disturb the sensitivities of others, so we mediate with the expression "evolution fairy certainty".

jb Mirabile-caruso.

The Mucusless Diet

From "Mucusless Diet" by Arnold Ehre---

If you could believe how easy it is to control sex by this diet you would soon quit your steaks and eggs. Masturbation, night emissions, prostitution, etc., are all eliminated from the sex life of anyone living on a mucusless diet after their body has become clean and powerful.

His mucusless diet was fruits and green-leaf vegetables combined with fasting.

Actually, Professor Ehret

forgot to add, to steaks and eggs, all the other animal foods, all the dairy products, all the grains, all the pulses, all the nuts and avocados and durians. In short, all forms of concentrated "starch" and concentrated "fat" are "mucus-forming" and, therefore, "toxicity-producers".

Only the "starchless green leafy vegetables" and the "sweet and
juicy fruits" are mucusless and, therefore, "non-toxicity-producers". To be observed, however, that, while the concept relative to "mucuslessness" as referred to foods rightfully belongs to Prof. Ehret, for He was the first to understand the reason why some foods were unhealthy e some others healthy, the diet He landed into is, in fact, that very same diet given to Mankind in that very old Book You know about by now.

jb Mirabile-caruso.


I shared this thread with a friend who isn't into joining forums, but she asked a few comments/questions, which you may want to address:

This is interesting very like the desert fathers’ diet and struggles with nocturnal emissions when trying to be celibate- seems like the opposite energy may be the necessary ingredient to help them stay balanced sustainably- strict celibacy is not the answer for pair bonding mammals!.

Although I knew there was a connection with refined sugars (and carbs I suppose) and DO and that sugar causes inflammation I hadn’t connected inflammation with libido as such. Hmmm.

I wonder which part of the bible he is referring to and how much protein he thinks is necessary- and in form of nuts and seeds? Certainly Jesus fasted so that is good from time to time.

any thoughts?

The desert fathers' diet

I must confess, Marnia, of not being acquainted in details with the "desert fathers' diet", but if this diet was producing nocturnal emissions i have no hesitation in stating that it was - either in its nature or quantity - toxicity-producing, this being responsible for the nocturnal emissions. As for the "strict celibacy non being the answer for pair bonding mammals", it appears to me that Your Friend's theoretical ground is "evolutionary", while mine is "involutionary". Obviously, opposite premises lead to opposite conclusions and we must accept and be aware - Your Friend and i - of the fatal danger our respective premise implies. From my involutionary standpoint, chastity was for Humans - and still potentially remains - the natural way of being, Love being made - contrary to animals - by cerebral magnetic intercourse: Mary's immaculate conception, for instance, being one of the cases History has confronted us with. Superflous to say that such a Human potentiality implies brains fully operative which, in turn, equates to brains fully nutritionally fed: a tragically lost prerequisitive since a chronic nutritional haemorrhage has taken place through sexual activity. Appropriate to observe, at this junction, that Academic Science presently acknowledges the fact that Human neurology succeeds - visually and auditorally - in the order of 8 per cent, the remainig 92 per cent being "not yet realized" according to its evolutionary stand, "tragically lost" according to my involutionary position.

Refined sugar, indeed, causes inflammation: not directly, however, but through this dynamics: fermentazion - toxicity - inflammation. As for the sequence toxicity-inflammation-libido i kindly invite Your Friend to put to the test the total elimination of toxicity and observe the outcome.

In Genesis can be found the detailed prescribed diet assigned to Humankind. As for the proteins requirement, it changes considerably in strict accordance to the daily damage inflicted to our Organisms: if these are used for their "physical" performance - as we have been using our unfortunate beasts of burden throughout History - then it is quite evident that a high input of proteins is necessary. And let me add: even for a normal social life, where we are forced to be successfully competitive in order to survive, we need a surplus of proteins -preferebly from animal source -, for the prerequisite to be adeguately functional to defeat our competitors and to win is to be "acidic", that is, "toxic". The very moment we eliminate "toxicity", replacing it with "alkalinity", we surely sentence ourselves to defeat by becoming strongly inclined to "cooperation" and strongly inefficient for "competition". But if the latter is our choice, and we aim at a "cerebral" performance rather than a "physical" one, - in accordance to our original design - then an adeguate proteins supply does NOT need to come from nuts and seeds, but simply from starchless leafy greens and juicy-sweet fruits.

And finally, the therapeutical only function and purpose of fasting is "detoxication". No long fasting is ever needed where "toxicity" does not exist. If Jesus undertook - as it is reported - a long fast, there must have been a problem of "toxicity" that He had to deal with. And, in fact, He was never reported to have strictly adhered to a dietary regimen of greens and fruits. On the contrary, over and over again He was reported to partake of the common foods that His disciples and all His followers were eating. Why? I do not have the answer, i can only speculate that the absolute priority of His mission took precedence over every dietary concern. And, also, possibly because He knew that, by quantitatively reducing the intake of wrong foods, He could as easily protect His chastity, which was, of course, the crucial factor in protecting His high consciousness.

My cordial regards for Your Friend and Yourself.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

I really think there is a

I really think there is a strong connection between diet and libido - and sexuality.

When I gave up eating meat and became a vegetarian - I went from being bi - sexual with more interest sexually in women to being completely 100% hetrosexual and having no interest in women at all. I was not looking for this to change - I was happy with my sexiuality - but it did change and it was a natural consequence. Some gay males also find when they give up bread they also turn straight. Considering my past I am in no way homophobic but I think it is very interesting that diet can have this effect.

I have eaten Arnold erhets diet and have also experimented with just eating mainly fruit - and I have many friends who have done the same. I did notice a change in my libido - but I still felt a strong desire to be in close and intimate contact with the opposite sex. I know many men who have eaten similar to this had a drastic change in there libido levels - and others who had a heightened sensual connection through diet change.

Raw fruits in particular have chemicals in them that modify testosterone.

I am espcially interested in what constitutes as our evolutionary biological diet - as I feel until we eat what we are biologically designed to eat we will never know what is our natural behaviour.

Juice would never have been biological although I believe that it is very helpful in modern times. It would appear looking out our bodies that we are designed to eat a large amount of fruit but that also has it problems in modern times. Wild fruit is high in frutose and glucose - cultivated fruit is high in sucrose - being hybrid and changed to increase sweetness. This can cause many problems, including tooth decay which is rife on the diet jb is proposing. I have been eating and exploring this way of life for over 10 years and I have seen this happen a lot. Another SERIOUS problem with eating this way is B12 deficency - which is also rife - I once counted the amount of people I personally know who have had a B12 deficency diagnosed and it reached over 50!!! that is shocking - I was one of them. It can cause longterm neurological damage and I have been very vocal about this problem within this community a few years back.

I am sure considering all other large brained primates that eat a high fruit diet - (and all the larger brained primates eat a higher % of fruit than their smaller brained cousins - this also crosses over to other animals such as bats where insect eating bats have smaller brains than fruit eating bats) still eat a % of their diet as insects and insect matter. Wild figs are packed with insect matter and are a primate favourite which they choose over other fruits if they have the choice. This insect matter contains B12 and high amounts of protien - that is missing on a cultivated diet like the one jb is proposing and many people suffer as a consequence. I believe wholeheartedly that this needs to be taken seriously.

I believe our evoltuionary diet would have probably looked something like this:
Fruit - a very high %
Green leaves
Seeds and nuts - but not many
insect matter
possibly the odd egg/insect

However here are some things to think about:

1)Most of us are not currently living within a biological environment.
2)Our physiological system, including our assimilation system is run by the brain. Until we bring our brain back to full function it is currently running inefficiently (meaning we can find it difficult to assimilate all we need).
3)The food we have access to is generally commercially grown which brings with it inherent nutritional deficiencies and neuro-toxic residues. Food is grown on de-mineralised soil, picked under- ripe and shipped huge distances and subject to chemical toxins and radiation! Including organic!
4)Because we were not feed an optimal diet whilst we were developing our physiological, anatomical, and neural system we do not know what defects this has created. Therefore we need to build into diet - rehabilitation, as well as considering that our natural ability to convert may have been negatively effected.
5)We are dealing with a great deal of environmental stresses and strains which also effect our nutritional needs.
6)We are living in human created 'captivity', and this brings with it a different set of requirements, than those we would have had in our archaic state.

Conversion - our bodies have the ability to convert - however I think there is a strong chance that this ability has been inhibited by many factors to lengthy to go into here. I believe none of us were breastfed fullterm - and I suspect in humans this would have been around seven years - possibly even longer - as all other large brained primates feed for around the same length of time and we are no different in that respect it is just now we have severe social conditioning in our captivity. In fact I have come up with a theory that the biolgical weaning age of all mammals is primarily linked to brain developement. Everything else is secondary to this primary force. This is currently not accepted as being the reason within the scientific community - but I am convinced I am right and I have done a ton of research on it - for lots of different mammals and it perfectly fits every time. I have studied land based and ocean based mammals and it works everytime!! I think it is a serious oversight - but more on that another time. Brestfeeding also has the sensual feedback loop that effects hormones - and I believe this is as important as the dietry elements. This lack of breastmilk I believe has created a whole host of problems on brain function.

Coming back to brain development and function - the brain needs DHA - there is no source of DHA in a plant based diet but we can convert fats in the plants to DHA. There is an abundance of DHA in breastmilk - made fresh daily with anti-oxidants to protect the delicate fat and therefore the building and development of the sensitive brain tissue. The brain has its most rapid growth until seven - although some sources say until 9 - this would be when it needed DHA the most so it makes sense that we would get this direct via breastmilk. After this we either go with the school of thought that we need DHA directly from fish/eggs or we go with the school of thought that we convert from plant sources and that that is enough. However some people do seem to have a struggle to convert and this can led to depression and neurological dysfunction. Algea oil is promoted as helping with this as it seems to be the one plant source that contains DHA.

Zinc - Zinc is seriously deficient in the soils that grow our food - zinc deficiency can led to low libido which is another reason I think some people following a strict diet like the one jb is proposing lose their sex drive. Eating commercially grown fruit and vegetables could easily be low in zinc. Pumkin seeds are an excellent source - however I also take a supplement with copper.

Vitamin D - we are naked apes - I believe we are naked because our natual biological environment is to live on the tropical forest floor in dense tropical vegetation. We needed to have an efficent system to get our Vit. D needs met from the dappled sunlight that reached the forest floor as opposed to living in the tree tops like our primate cousins.

Without doubt however I agree fundementally with what jb is saying - I think libido is a symptom, but I also think it is more complicated than it being just about diet. I think we are no longer producing the endogenous hormones that kept our libido in check.

For thousands of years spiritual seekers have known that there is a diet connection to consciousness - vegetarianism has been promoted for centuries - as has eating lightly and naturally.

Anyway a bit of food for thought...


What you are saying makes a lot of sense...although in terms of Vit. D, gorillas and chimps also live on the forest floor, no? Additionally, chimps also eat meat on occasion and have been observed doing so, and I think both chimps and gorillas quite like eating ants and things. Less "cultured" humans also eat bugs and they are excellent nutrition and delicious as long as nobody ever tells you otherwise!

I think it's also worth noting climatic differences. If you're living in an extremely cold climate you're simply going to require more calories to avoid freezing to death that if you are living near the equator.

Personally, I don't think we necessarily have a single biological "ideal diet." Every kind of diet has its own advantages and disadvantages (though some have more disadvantages than others!) If you look at food traditions around the world, even ones that have survived quite a long time, you'll see quite a lot of diversity. People live in almost every corner of the planet, but not every kind of food grows everywhere. So it follows that we have had to adapt or at least be adaptable to different dietary conditions. This is probably one of the reasons we've been able to become so numerous, as compared to species that have very narrow dietary requirements (think pandas!) What's the one animal that's followed humans everywhere we've gone? Rats, and they will eat absolutely anything!

It doesn't make much sense to me that a diet that completely kills your libido is *biologically* healthy long-term (or part of our genetic heritage), however spiritually beneficial it might be! And I see nothing wrong with people making this trade-off, but I'm not sure that thinking will ever become popular! However, if a given diet merely *moderates* otherwise excessive libido, that is a different thing. However, not everyone with dietary conditions for having a high libido (high testosterone, etc.) is bothered by it, and I think this has to do with mental habits and ways of channeling that energy.

Helen wrote.....

"Wild fruit is high in fructose and glucose - cultivated fruit is high in sucrose - being hybrid and changed to increase sweetness. This can cause many problems, including tooth decay which is rife on the diet jb ia proposing. I have been eating and exploring this way of life for over 10 years and I have seen this happen a lot".

Actually, Helen, i am NOT proposing at all the diet You are correctly holding responsible for causing teeth decay and other problems. While it is true that i do practice and advocate the mucusless diet of Prof. Arnold Ehret, it is equally true that i have brought a major correction - NOT to His diet which stands biologically correct - but to His flawed "method" of nutrients intake. He was fully aware that fruits, by themselves, were not sufficient to meet "present" Human nutritional requirements, and for this very reason He supported the use of starchless vegetables. But when He came to the "HOW" these vegetables had to be consumed, He proposed the method of "salads", without realizing that Humans - not being biologically herbivorous - were NOT proficient - on account of their inadequate mastication and digestion - to extract the nutrients from the suggested "salads". So that, in actuality, His followers - among them myself - were, de facto, left in the hands of "fruttivorism", that is, in the hands of nutritional bankruptcy.

Historically, Humans have consistently used herbs - vegetables being simply domesticated herbs - with the help of "fire", for without cooking them there was NO way that their much needed nutrients could have been appropriated . How is it possible, then, that modern Humans - with an even more degenerated chewing and digestive capacity - can be successful? The only rational answer to this nutritional dilemma is either we continue to avail ourselves of "fire", accepting all the distruction that it causes to the nutrients of our vegetables, or we - far more rationally - resort to an efficient mechanical processing from which we can obtain that crucially needed nutritional support that the fruttivorism, we were designed for, cannot provide us with.

All this said, i am sure You will readily realize that four generations of Ehretist failure has been due to the banal error of not understanding that the "salad" had to be replaced by the "juice", for the fresh and properly extracted juice secures a minimum tenfold net nutritional intake as compared to that of salad. And it is, exactly, in virtue of this substantial extra nutrition that the mucusless diet becomes realistically possible and successful.

So, Helen, it is NOT correct Your statement to the effect that the diet i am proposing is leading to teeth decay and other problems. On the contrary, the approach to Ehretism that i do practice and advocate constitutes the only possible way to success, for the host of problems related to the mucusless dietary practice are mainly due - though not exclusively - to a deficiency of nutrients, minerals-vitamins above all of them.

Thanks for Your kind attention. And my very special appreciation, also, for Your reported enlightening personal homosexual experience: indeed!, our biochemestry holds the secret of many unexplained psychological phenomena.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only pathway from eros to Agape.

Hi Amari "I think it's also

Hi Amari

"I think it's also worth noting climatic differences. If you're living in an extremely cold climate you're simply going to require more calories to avoid freezing to death that if you are living near the equator."

This is what I meant by:

1)Most of us are not currently living within a biological environment.

I believe our biological environment is the tropics - but by not living in our biological environment we have different needs. Living in a cold climate dictates that we also eat differently if we want to survive and stay 'healthy'.

"Personally, I don't think we necessarily have a single biological "ideal diet." "

Of course this is just my opinion - (and a few years back I commited to never getting into any diet discussions as I have found over the years they can get so charged - food seems to be a very emotive issue. Now I feel I want to share love with everyone rather than be right about my diet views) but anyway I have to say that I believe wholeheartedly that every biological species has an optimal biologically dictated environment and diet - including in mammals a biological weaning age - to fully thrive as they were 'designed' to. Yes of course we can adapt and we - espcially humans - are able to survive on all sorts of diets but this does not mean it is what we were designed to eat or run on.

Milk is a very good example of what I am talking about - most people would agree that a baby needs milk to develop properely - no one would for a second try to suggest that a baby be feed mashed up insects and pulped cooked liver - to give an example - we all agree that a baby needs milk. We then have three choices - breastmilk - artificial dried milk or raw milk from another species. Breastmilk is PERFECTLY designed to feed the human brain exactly what it needs as it is developing - it is very much the IDEAL diet for a growing baby. The milk of another species is designed PERFECTLY for the off spring of that species too - from dietry constitutions to hormones within the milk - and it is IDEAL for that species. So this is an example of a biologically ideal food for any given mammal.

As another example we could not feed a Lion fruit nuts and leaves and expect it to thrive, or an elephant meat and bones - there is of course a range of foods that any species can eat but it is still biologically dictated and I believe that within this would be an ideal diet that each species strives to obtain if it is given the choice within its environment.

When we look at animals taken out of their natural environment and put into captivity (us humans are seriosly captive animals in my opinion )we see changes in behaviour and many fail to thrive in the same way that the do in the wild in their NATURAL habitat. I do not believe humans are any different it is just that we now live all over the globe and have forgotten we too are part of this biological system.

I agree with you most people would not be attracted to a diet that reduced their libido - very much like most people would not be attracted to not having orgasms. I actually think we have been conditioned here too - that libido is a sign of health - but I am very much in the same boat with JB here and I actually do think there is a very strong possibility that libido is very much a symptom of something that is out of balance. But this is just my opinion.

I think also we are different from animals too and I think that there was a time in our history where we reached a peak in spiritual evolution and I believe this very much coincided with brain function and hormones as well as what we were eating. We reached a state of consciousness wholly different from the one we exhibit now- its just that we have come so far removed from this - like thousands of years -that we have lost all connection to what this human looked like, lived like and behaved like.

yes- chimps do eat meat on occasions and interestingly it is always the most aggressive males. Ants - my sons party trick (he has eaten naturally all his life) is to munch on ants much to the disgust of his peers!!


You make interesting points. I don't know how you're defining "libido," but obviously all of our ancestors, regardless of what they were eating, had some reason to have sex, otherwise we clearly wouldn't be here.

It's interesting to speculate about what people's consciousness was like thousands of years ago. As far as the fossil record goes, Wikipedia seems to think fire was being used to cook food (though maybe not extensively so) long before the appearance of Homo sapiens. Likewise, hunting in some form predates our species. So if we want to talk about ancestors with a *purely* "edenic," raw, fructivorous diet, then we are talking about species that no longer exist. Insofar as speciation is no obstacle to collective memory, we still carry those people with us, but genetically we may be somewhat different. Thousands of years of different conditions = thousands of years of different pressures = thousands of years of genetic change. I'm not saying that such a diet wouldn't be good for us, but we might not get the same results from it that our very ancient ancestors did (you already basically said the same thing). Also, it seems worth considering that whatever spiritual height our theoretical ancestors may have reached may actually have been the *reason,* indirectly, for many of the changes that led to our existence as it is now. One seeming rule in biology is that things are in a constant state of flux and you can't change any one thing (i.e. superior consciousness appearing) without creating a whole cascade of other effects that may in fact eventually overwhelm whatever the original change was.

I want to note though, as an aside, that if we're looking for people with a different consciousness that modern Western people, we don't have to look into the past at all. But we may soon have to if we don't stop exterminating such people soon.

I actually disagree (only slightly) with your point about milk. Yes, every species is well-suited to its own kind of milk, but there are tradeoffs there too- how many nutrients can be put into the milk against how much the mother can consume and sacrifice from her own body, etc. In the wild, it's not unusual for some offspring to die due to milk scarcity. How "optimal" such things are just depends on our perspective (what, exactly, are we optimizing, and what precisely do we mean by "health?" In a broader sense, some people might want to measure health by spiritual state, some by longevity, some by physical strength, others by number of offspring, others by disease resistance... These might be related to some extent but I doubt that they're necessarily perfectly correlated.

"Thousands of years of

"Thousands of years of different conditions = thousands of years of different pressures = thousands of years of genetic change. I'm not saying that such a diet wouldn't be good for us, but we might not get the same results from it that our very ancient ancestors did (you already basically said the same thing). "

Yes I completely agree - I think the change that occured when we moved away from an 'edenic' diet has created numerous changes to our physiology and brain function - and that eating this way now will not automatically bring back 'paradise' consciousness.

" actually disagree (only slightly) with your point about milk. Yes, every species is well-suited to its own kind of milk, but there are tradeoffs there too- how many nutrients can be put into the milk against how much the mother can consume and sacrifice from her own body, etc. In the wild, it's not unusual for some offspring to die due to milk scarcity"

Yes I agree here too - I think if the mother has limited access to nutrition then the milk will also be deficent too and this definately causes problems. For us humans - for me- this translates into feeding breastfeeding mothers dense nutrition so they have everything they need to produce abundant healthy milk - the answer is not to give artificial milk or raw milk from another animal that is not optimal.

By Libido I guess I am referring too the 'fuck type' libido - as in I need to fuck. I believe we would have been sensual and intimate, but how much actual intercourse we would have had I am not sure. I do believe we would have definately recreated - I am not of the school of thought as are some of my peers that believe we would have been immortal and had no need to reproduce. But I guess i can at least imagine that we would have had intercourse very rarely meaning that few offspring were created...or as another possibility we had regular intercourse but rarely ovulated or ejaculated - resulting in low conception rates.

I also find it is interesting to note that other primates that frequently ingage in intercourse have low conception rates.

Also I have been very much influenced by the work presented in a book called 'Left in the Dark'. I think it is chapter four where the authors argue that women would have ovulated via orgasm - and via orgasm alone (this was in fact its function!) - much like the male ejaculation creates the sperm. That the monthly ovulation we now have is actually dysfunction in the species - a sign of a malfunctioning endocrine system. The authors also believe that ejaculation and ovulation would have occured rarely. Barry Long also said something similar that conception would have been divinely dictated and happened rarely.

Fascinating theory

It sounds incredibly...theoretical, though.

Do we have any evidence of a single mammalian species that ovulates in *response* to intercourse/orgasm? Don't we have every evidence that in humans as well as almost every other mammal, the onset of a fertile period, as stimulated by environmental or time-dependent factors, creates a spike in mating interest in both females and (by transfer) also males?

It occurred to me that bonobos would seem to be an example of a species very similar to us that eats mostly wild fruits and greens, yet they feel the need to fuck, pardon me, ALL THE TIME, including with same-sex partners. This doesn't really disprove your theory but it doesn't support it much, either.

Just to butt in here...

with some random chatter. It's my understanding that bonobos often just rub genitals...kinda like other species groom each other to strengthen social bonds. What looks like unbridled lust to us may just be a "friendly howdy do" to them.

Second, I read somewhere that chimp females eat baby chimps...not their own, of course. So it's not just aggressive males. This was observed in the wild, too.

There is evidence that in some mammals, ovulation doesn't take place until copulation starts. I think virgin female rats may be this way. But the biologist whose video I was watching (Sapolsky) definitely mentioned that species that are very isolated, which only run into other members of their species on rare occasions, also wait until they have a hot sperm prospect before they bother ovulating. I don't remember that he said which species, but I envisioned arctic mammals....

very grim!! something I do

very grim!!

something I do not express much but have thought for a while could be a possibility that many species are suffering on some level from a 'fall from grace' espcially the higher apes - lack of melatonin in lab animals seems to cause aggressive behaviour to young in the same way as the female chimps are displaying here...when melatonin is increased harmonious behaviour resides again.

Also if food sources are low - espcially the food that is natural to each species - then aggressive behaviour seems to becomes much more common...

Still very grim!


Fascinating conversation! Wanted to add that I read somewhere that chimps have only been observed masturbating within the confines of a zoo, but not in the wild. That says a lot about the frustration that can come from captivity. Perhaps masturbation is used as a stress release? And as "captive humans", how much are we using our "libido" as a way to decompress from the pressures of our own self-induced captivity? Another response to modern stress is the eating of high calory or refined starchy foods, which are either harder to digest in the case of excess protein or spike the blood sugar in the case of refined starches, thus leading to more stress. Add to this the fact that stress decreases hydrochloric acid, making it that much harder to assimilate and digest the poor quality food in the first place. We find that rather than being soothed and nourished by food, we are adding more stress for our bodies as we challenge them to try to utilize these poor energy sources. The result: a host of health problems that are associated with what naturopaths and others recognize as an "inflammatory" diet.

Answering an anonymous Member

"Would you be so kind as to say which section of the Bible information about the diet can be found in?"

Genesis 1:29. 'Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat'.

"I was also curious about what area of the world you live in, the reason i ask this is because i'm curious as to what types of veggies/fruits you eat, and where you buy them from, also the quality of fruits and veggies".

I live in Vancouver, Canada, where we have the good fortune to be in many to believe in the quality of the foods we eat, so that we do have two wholesale importers of organic produce. However, with the sole exception of 3 months per year during which we can enjoy locally produced biological fruits and vegetables, the balance of the year we are dependent to imports from California and other southern American States, this translating into expensive foods and diet.

As for Your question relative to the "types of veggies i eat", i think that the best answer i can give You is to disclose all the vegetables i used this morning to make my daily 1.5 - 2.0 litres of "green juice".

1. - Spinach
2. - Romaine lettuce
3. - Brussel sprouts
4. - Endive
5. - Escalore
6. - Dandelion
7. - Parsley
8. - Kamut grass*
9. - Alfalfa leaves*

10. - Broccoli
11. - Globe artichoke

12. - Celery
13. - Fennel
14. - Asparagus
15. - Kolrabi

16. - Cucumber
17. - Cherry tomatoes
18. - Sweet green bell peppers
19. - Jalapeno peppers
20. - Anaheim peppers

* These two greens, not being available on the market, are used in their dehydrated state in the order of 10 grams. "Green Kamut" is the name of the product and it is a combination of 65% of organic kamut leaf juice and 35% of organic alfalfa leaf juice. To be observed that 1 gram of this powered juice is equivalent to 1 oz. of the fresh state.

As for the fruits, i eat a mono-meal of biological fresh fruits in season. Today, for instance, 4 hours after the "green juice", i had 2 pineapples for the total gross weight of kilograms 2.660.

"The last question is if you take any supplements, say iodine, omega 3's, magnesium, vitamins, etc. etc.".

The only supplement i take, on irregular basis, is the vitamin B12. Also, on irregular basis, i feed my juicer with some pre-soaked kelp.

With my best regards,

jb Mirabile-caruso.


So you're telling us that you used 20 different types of vegetables to make juice for ONE DAY? Then you consumed 2 pineapples in one sitting?!?!

I...don't know what to say.

You see......Amari

The reason why it is necessary to combine together so many vegetables is that there is NOT one single vegetable which is balanced enough to constitute satisfactory nutrition. For instance, if You try to have a dinner of only celery, only cucumbers, only asparagus, only lettuce, or even only tomatoes, no matter how much You eat of each one of them You will be always left totally unsatisfied, and mentally unbalanced as well. And this is not only due to the absence of the element "sugar", but basically because ALL the nutritional elements are not in balance in their relationship.

So that the challenge is to create a combination of these starchless vegetables - starchless because the element "starch" not being consistent with Human physiology - which would be fully capable of supporting the Organism in its general nutritional requirements and, specifically, in its particular needs relative to the dual process of "detoxication" and "reconstruction": a rich import of "minerals-vitamins" for the first process and of "complete proteins" for the latter. The "green juice" - contrary to fruits which would prove themselves incompetent for the task - proves to be the only capable dietary instrument to meet the challenge.

There is, however, a very specific condition the "green juice" must abide by: i will present it in my next interaction i will have with an other Member of this Forum.

Wishing You well.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

The "crucial" condition

Yes, Marnia, i actually had in mind a specific interaction with an other Member of this Forum, but i am so impressed - almost fascinated - by Your genuine curiosity that i cannot possibly resist echoing it.

The green juice i disclosed the other day is NOT a recipe which, once we know its ingredients and proportions, is good for everybody. There is NOT such a thing as a "green juice" for everyone, but, on the contrary, there is a green juice good for each individual person. What i mean is that the green juice, in order to be truly effective and beneficial, must be "pleasurable" to the taste buds of the person consuming it. This is so because the taste buds are the barometer of our biochemistry and it is "crucial" that we always eat in compliance with its imperative requirements.

This clarified, it is the challenge of the individual to "create" - through a process of trials and errors - his/her own juice, never to fall into the erroneous conclusion that the "right" juice for him or her does not exist. At the very beginning, i admit, it may be a frustrating experience, but i can assure everyone that persistence will eventually succeed. On a practical ground, i would like to suggest that the aspiring person exposes his/her taste buds to a small quantity of juice extracted from a single vegetable and register the reaction on a scale ranging from 0 to 100. Once a large variety of vegetables are so tested, and the taste buds' reaction to each one of them recorded, i have found the use of this data to be very helpful in the process of "creating" the individualized juice. For instance, i cannot stand the taste of cilantro and should i - not knowing this personal aversion of mine - add it to my juice, i would most certainly ruin it and i would very likely experience a serious difficulty in identifying the problem. Conversely, i love the taste of Italian parsley and i use it in large quantity in the attempt of obtaining a juice of high pleasurableness.

In closing, You have certainly observed that i have confined myself to the use of the word "pleasurable" with reference to the green juice, intentionally avoiding the word "enjoyable". There is a reason for this: it is an impossibility to create a green juice as enjoyable as Nature creates a fruit. I will provide the explanation next time to the next hypothetical interested person of this Forum.

Have i been successful in satisfying Your curiosity, Marnia?

jb Mirabile-caruso.

Yes, thank you

although, I wonder if tastes change over time...depending upon what one's body needs.

I'm right there with you on cilantro (to me, it tastes like soap or perfume, not food Smile ) and the deliciousness of parsley!

pineapple warning

I was once on vacation on a tropical island and ate one or two pineapples a day for a couple weeks. I developed cracks in the corners of my mouth which made it painful to open my mouth. When I returned home, the cracks healed.

Several years later I read that fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that dissolves protein. (That's why the instruction on a box of Jello advise against adding fresh pineapple to the Jello. It won't set.) Anyway, I'm sure pineapples are good for you - in moderation!

I'm curious...

Why no nuts? Gary mentioned that a recent study showed longevity most closely associated with eating nuts. Isn't the bible verse also referring to nuts (seeds)?

Why not nuts

Here is, given in a sequence, the reason why not nuts:

Nuts = fat = congestion = fermentation = alcohol = toxicity = inflammation.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only path from eros to Agape.

Health Drink

Yum! The drink sounds wonderful! I've heard that fermented foods contain B12. That's probable one reason Ann Wigmore advocated fermenting foods. I used to make my own sauerkraut. It tasted fresh and nothing like the stuff out cans.

Nuts are great in my

Nuts are great in my opinion- we need fat - the brain is built and maintained very much from fat -

women esp. need to eat fat - even more so when they are pregnant and breastfeeding and growing another human brain.

I agree though too much fat is not such a great thing and also we probably would not have eaten many nuts originally-

The best way to eat nuts is fresh and believe me they taste completely different from dried shop brought nuts.

If this is not possible then soak nuts over night this helps to activate them and make them easier to digest . These soaked nuts can then be eaten as is - or to help digestion further- considering from my opinion our digestive system is not fully working for most of us - blending these soaked nuts in to 'pates' (then adding seasoning)or making into milks by adding water is very helpful.

I think nuts are extremely helpful in getting high quality nutrition right now.

I agree. High quality fats

I agree. High quality fats are very important. Many of them have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities. Also, some of them, such as evening primrose, borage oil, and fish oils, reduce inflammation and mediate prostaglandins.


After reading this post when it was created, I gave it a lot of thought and decided to shape my diet to mainly vegan!
I was honestly surprised at how much control i gained in being able to re-circulate that sexual energy that resides in the postrate that usually just
wants to kind of burst out! delusional sexual thoughts have been out of my head with less effort on my part. I kept an eye on what I ate and basically I didn't have chicken or any other meats at all for about a week & a 1/2. Last night before I went to sleep, I was in a neutral position to eat or not eat before i slept. I decided to have some chicken thinking " hey I need some protein it's been a while " EVEN THOUGH I WASN"T PHYSICALLY CRAVING IT! It was one of those "yeahhhh you can have some, but only this time!" thoughts. Anyway I ended up having a wetdream and now I'm more "horny" than usual today. Not the horny where I want to make love to a women with some passion, but the horny where I just want to get rid of some sort of unnatural steam that's fogging my brain and my mood. Luckily I dropped by a grocery store today and bought some watermelon at 19 cents a pound! I usually eat this and nothing else for a couple servings until I poop out whatever is clogging up my system and brain.

Chicken is considered to

Chicken is considered to have a warming thermal nature. That's why its good if you have a cold, because it can facilitate the natural fever response, but gently and while providing building sustenance. Chickens are, however, also scavengers. We need all the recycling we can get tho, so I think we should be grateful to them even if we choose not to eat them very frequently.

Breakfast Drink

I had a drink for breakfast this morning. Apple, banana, grapefruit (a little rind), sesame seeds, water, ginger root, kale, spinach, a little honey, vanilla, some rye sourdough starter (raw), and a raw egg. The egg was fresh right out of the butt of one of our chickens.

I opened the banana from the "wrong" end---starting at the opposite end from the stem. It's way easier to open one from that end. Did you know that chimpanzees all open bananas form this end. I figured that I was at least as smart as one of those hairy cousins of ours and so I've switched which end I open. My wife suggested this new habit. She was sure that I wouldn't be able to figure this out. After all, she says that if I die first, she's going to get a dog to replace me. That doesn't make sense to me. A dog would just eat the pealing and all or sniff at it and walk away.

The great thing about a breakfast like this is that you immediately lose your appetite and that helps cut down on calories, right?

Breaking the fast

Hi, Larry Stokes:

The correct drink to "break the fast" should NOT contain any form of sugar, for this - combining with the toxins released by the overnight fast - produces fermentation and, therefore, further toxicity. It should contain, instead, plenty of "minerals" which, with their associated vitamins, would "neutralize" the toxins and make their elimination smooth and safe.

But even transcending the above consideration, the breakfast drink You have prepared for Yourself is, in itself, an excellent recipe for alchool production via fermentation. Prof. Arnold Ehret would have suggested You to prepare an extra portion of Your drink for an imaginary guest, and - upon his/her not showing up - instead of storing it in the refrigerator, keeping it in a just warm oven till the next morning. The sight and the foul smell You would be confronted with, would most certainly force You, if not straight to a conclusion, at leat to a long and profound reflection.

With my sincere regards.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only pathway from eros to Agape.

You are very knowledgeable

You are very knowledgeable and eloquent, Caruso, but I always get a sense from your posts that they are coming from a person who has undergone a long process of purification that most people have not gone through and likely never will to the level that you have. Which does not in any way discount your learning, but it does point to flexibility and a need for open-mindedness to the possibility of food properties having a variety of healing or toxic affects on different individuals depending on their needs, metabolism, genetic background, and overall fluidity.

There are any number of approaches and means to getting to a more clear state, including toxifying oneself. Toxins are potential medicines and purgatives.

Mild fermentation in homeopathic doses is not only beneficial for certain individuals, but also probably inevitable, given the long trajectory of the gut.

Thank You for Your Insights.

Detoxication is.........

Hi hotspring:

In my experience and present understanding, detoxication continues to be - as it has been throughout Human History - the number one challenge we are confronted with, for the entire range of our complex symptomalogy - from the physical level to the psychological and spiritual ones - has its solution in detoxication. Religions have called it "purification", and from their perspective have preached us behavioral practices which have left things at the status quo. Psychology has prescribed a chain of mental acrobatics which, at best, have tought us a series of theatrical performances potentially capable of Oscar awards. Philosophy has open the door to speculative infinity, leaving us to cherish fond hopes. Medical Science has ignored it altogether, for business and detoxication are NOT mutually supportive. And most of us, the real actors of the play, have finally abundantly drunk from the chosen spring, more or less intuitively aware that the real challenge was best to be avoided.

Toxication, the first symptom of the real problem, entered, first, into Human life by dietary transgression, and only by dietary correction can ever be eradicated. As You have pointed out Yourself, there are a moltitude of theories, methods, techniques and approaches available on the free market on how to face the challenge of detoxication. In this context, i am simply a layman who has gone through the whole ordeal, buying this and that idea, and paying dearly when i made a mistake. For this job is not easy, nor it is simple, nor it is short: we better have a very close and clear idea of what we are doing when we venture into it. My only reason for relating my experience and the conclusions i have come to, is simply motivated by the moral obligation to help others to be "safely successful". Were i selling a product or a service for a financial remuneration, i most rationally would be adequately "flexible" in proposing my merchandise. I happen to propose, instead, - for good or for bad - the synthesis of my dietary belief that i do practice daily in my own lifestyle, and because of that, sorry...... but i have NO discounts to offer to anyone.

It has been a pleasure conversing with You.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only pathway from eros to Agape.


I have to admit, the explanations you've given don't make a whole lot of sense to me. However, if what you're doing works for you, then great! And if someone else also finds it helpful, so much the better.

Caruso - Thanks for sharing

Caruso -

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on toxins. In general I agree with you, however, many substances which are toxic in larger doses are healing in smaller ones. It may be true that at some point humankind took a "fall from grace" in their relationship to food, and this can be seen as toxicity, however, seeing as how the fall has already taken place, I am suggesting that while a purist approach is certainly one route, and one route that I am glad certain individuals such as yourself are taking and sharing about, there are other routes to learning how best to eat, including the ingestion of toxins.

Maybe we need to define what a toxin is?

Anyhow, I support, acknowledge, and admire the steps you have taken to get where you are and to share that very important information with others so that they may benefit from it and implement it if they choose. Personally, I like an occasional few bites of buffalo meat every few months.

Diet Experience

This is a great thread with lots of wonderful experience being shared. It is interested to note that the genealogy of the bible suggests that people lived for hundreds of years on the Genesis 1:29 diet but it is also important to note that we are indeed captive human beings and no longer living in our natural environment these days, sad but true.

I chanced upon a raw/vegan diet in October of last year and it was a radical departure from my previous ways. I did a one week cleanse with fruits and salads and then proceeded to a raw juice fast for 10 days, followed by a water fast of 3 days. By the end of the fast, I was pondering if in fact one could indeed exist on juice alone as I had no hunger, no weakness and a wonderful sense of well being.

Since I was working with a nutritionist, I then proceeded to the raw/vegan piece of the lifestyle.

One key piece of the approach is using "green smoothie" as a foundation of nutrition. I believe this approach is designed to overcome our inability to properly chew the greens and thus, not extract sufficient nutrients. I am also believing that an exclusive juicing approach robs us of much needed fiber to keep our colon regular. Thus, using the Vitamix blender from Costco - I target a 60/40 mix of raw fruit and greens and the sweetness of the fruit helps to make the greens quite palatable. I know some people have concerns about combining fruits and greens in the same meal but at least for now, I have chosen to follow the advice of the people I have learned from and there is good evidence that many people are succeeding with this approach.

For those more interested in this lifestyle and the research behind it:

This is a delicate discussion and yet, I appreciate everyone's respect for sharing. I agree this is not a "one size fit's all" approach as we all live in different environments with myriad factors that influence what our nutritional needs are.

So what can I share about diet and libido? LOL! I am not in the best environment to pronounce on this, having been living without the benefit of a proper mate to enhance the pair bonding behaviors that are so important to our health and well being. Mind you, I do my best to compensate for this lack by foraging for other "affection nutrients" like support groups and intimate conversations with good friends of both genders and I am getting by or at least "faking it until I make it."

I think we need to be careful not to characterize our libido as inherently "bad" as it has served us well in the evolution of our species. Isn't this site all about harnessing this wonderful power and riding it like a beautiful wave to realms of higher consciousness? Yes, or course, there is a clear difference between lustful fucking and divine lovemaking just as there is a difference between our frontal and reptilian brains. I choose to lovingly receive my healthy libido along with it's lower forms of expression as a divine gift and do my best to use it with loving respect as I prefer to avoid as much as possible anything that my spirit might perceive as that is something that will make you sicker than eating 5 Twinkies any day!

Or as I am told - Whatever I put my attention to, I attract. The universe has only one answer: YES! Too much emphasis on trying to control my animal libido has the effect of giving it power and thus, it can lead me to some interesting places of powerlessness and addiction. Been there, done that...hopefully never again.

So now, when I find myself feeling horny or otherwise, I try to stay detached and observe, thinking to myself, "that's interesting! What is that all about?" Over time, I can learn these lessons and evolve to the next level of my spiritual journey.

How I wish some days that I might be at a level of the spiritual giants that share here but again, I do my best to be at peace and loving towards self for where I am, as I am, right now!

If I truly love and embrace my divinity, I can also rely on my higher self to attract exactly what I should eat and also, how I can live in harmony with my sexuality.

Thanks everyone for sharing!


Well said

Libido isn't the enemy. It is indeed one guise of the fuel - life force energy - that is part of the solution (at least the solution proposed here).

That said, in the last few years we've had some marvelous teachers here who are struggling with porn addiction. Their challenge is an artificially demanding libido, which goes beyond normal libido, due to the way our plastic brains learn.

Diet and behavioral changes seem to be helpful to them in finding their ideal balance and libido. Once back to neutral, they have more freedom of choice. Until then, they report that they do not have true freedom of choice. That, not libido itself, is definitely a problem.

Thanks, Richard, for reminding us to distinguish between these two issues, and that everyone's starting point is different.

Stuff to add

"Fit for Life" and also The Raw Food Family says it's OK to mix greens and fruit. Victoria Boutenko said at a Raw Spirit retreat I was at a couple of years ago that chimps eat about 350 different greens a year. Variety is a key to good health, she taught.

Richard. I enjoyed your post. I see the observer there, and dialing down your urges by simply watching them in a detached manner. That's not as easy as it may sound. I read a book about the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion last year. Let's see, it was called, "How To Solve All Your Money Problems Forever" by Victor Boc. One of it's lessons was that if we get too obsessive about not doing a thing, then we end up being unable to stop doing it. He says to upgrade our obsession to just a preference, then we will suddenly find it easier to control whatever it was we were working on.

Thanks to all for a very

Thanks to all for a very important conversation. I recently met someone who was at one point addicted to porn and has healed himself through diet alone. He managed to turn his libido off completely for a period of a year and a half, before meeting a seductive tantrika and goddess, who he fell madly in love with. However, he could not perform. He said he had so dampened his sexuality that it had gone into misuse. As a result, him and his lady weren't able to connect very well sexually, and have since parted ways. He has had recent healing around his fear of filling space and taking up space due to his feeling that he was an unwanted child born to a teenage mother. The lovely man is in his mid-forties, in the peak of health, and very much coming into his own. I will let him know about this forum and encourage him to share his insights.

He is still a raw foodist, looks very robust and healthy, and has recently rediscovered the power of his staff through a non-penetrative encounter with a paid and married tantrika.

Peace be to All


Maybe he is taking the "long way back to the barn" that Larry mentioned...of pushing himself to find a partner with whom he can open those upper chakras before he opens up completely in a new way.

Looking forward to his posts.

Hi all

I had the joy of meeting Hotspring this past weekend and she has related some of my story. I have read the post so far, well, most of it. I just finished a sacred ceremony that has me in my spirit more than my head and the quantity of words was a bit overwhelming.

It is difficult for me to sum up the past few years, especially today with my head feeling more inclined toward heaven than earth, but I shall try to give an accurate picture of the main points of my recent path.

At age 40 my kingdom collapsed. As I was sifting through the ashes I looked in the mirror and realized that I did not at all like what i had let myself become. My anger was out of my control, I was overweight, ugly, judgmental and irritable.
I went to my cabin in the woods with a cup, a sleeping bag, and a notebook. I told God that I would stay until He met me there and would only consume water. I knew that I would not go on living if it were not possible to make a genuine change. Over the next 2 days my mind flooded with thoughts of all of the ways I had let myself down. I was broken by my failure to be the man that I saw as my ideal self. During this 2 day period of acknowledgment of my sins, my sexual urges fell into my control. I look back on it and see that my addiction was like being on a water slide. I had made the decision to get on but could not get off without the help of Spirit
I was guided over the next months to eat lighter and less and have for the past three years been eating a raw vegan diet that is near to what was preached by Arnold Erhet and can confirm that it has given me a level of control over my sexual urges that I did not know was possible.
There were occasions when I first began cleaning up my diet that I would slip back into old ways. On two separate occasions I noticed that I would have a torturous battle with my sex drive on nights following a pizza dinner. When I ate clean and fresh the 30 foot giant that had ruled me since puberty was a 3 foot annoyance that I could easily command.

I practiced celibacy for one and a half years, pursuing no sexual fantasy even in my mind and resisted all urges to masturbate.
After the first phase, which took a few months, I was able to find comfort in this path and felt a return to innocence that reminded me of how I felt when I was 10 years old. When I saw people kissing on TV I would get embarrassed and think how silly it was. The sex act seemed absurd and comical.

Then I began to notice a need for companionship. I was watching the movie Into the Wild and resonated with the thought that all of life's activities are somewhat meaningless without the ability to share experiences with another. I was reminded that God had said that it was not good for man to be alone.

I began looking on the internet for a girlfriend and quickly became discouraged as I realized that I didn't have the wisdom to select a mate. I couldn't see into their heart so how could I tell if they were the right one for me? So I had a talk with God and put the whole matter into His hands. If I was to remain celibate then I would accept that. But if there was someone for me I would love that. Then through many synchronicities I found my girlfriend. We connected on a heart level but had difficulties connecting sexually. There were good experiences mixed with terrible ones. She is a bit more masculine than what I am usually attracted to but I frolicked in her fun loving nature.

I was shocked to have frequent difficulties getting an erection. I still have questions around this and have reasoned that it was either due to the 18 month disuse of that function (use it or lose it) or that there were chemistry problems between the two of us that were a constant expression of the fact that we were sexually incompatible. I went to see a dakini in hopes of confirming that it was the latter. All my parts seemed to be working just fine.

Now I am questioning which way to go with sex. I have recently caught a vision of my highest spiritual self and long to live out this potential. I wonder if it is possible to have time to do both my spiritual highest and a relationship.

A very interesting story

Hi jimmyfree:

Thanks, first of all, for sharing Your story that i have found particularly interesting. Diverting a moment, i would also like expressing my thanks to hotspring for having invited You here.

Before going into the very reason of my interaction, i would like to express a passing comment on Your observation that.........

"I was reminded that God had said that it was not good for man to be alone".

I am not really sure about Adam being alone, for - in and by His androgenous state of being - He was, in reality, connected and in the company of the whole Universe. Perhaps His "being alone" should be understood as not having a companion existing at His very same vibrational dimension. Perhaps! What, instead, i am sure about is that God, while expressing the opportunity of having a companion for Adam, was actually setting up the stage upon which their drama had to be consumed. That is, Eve was an absolute necessity for the "fall from grace" to happen. In other words: God knew very well what He was doing.

But aside from this passing comment, what really presses me to this interaction with You is two very impressive self-observations You make, which - with my shocking surprise at the end of Your story - come into a strident conflict with two other statements.

After a change of diet, and after one and half year of chastity, You were observing Yourself as......

"When i saw people kissing on TV would get embarrassed and think how silly it was. The sex act seemed absurd and comical".

And also You......

"felt a return to innocence that reminded me of how I felt when I was 10 years old".

And then, when You finally found Your Eve........

"We connected on a heart level but we had difficulties connecting sexually".

And here comes my shock. Because everything i could have imagined, except that You, - from the feeling of comicality about sex and the feeling of a 10-year-old regained innocence - from these two altitudes, all of a sudden, fall headlong into sex! I is that possible!? How in the world can You possibly find Yourself in such a debased dimension!?

What did happen? Were You instigated by Your Eve? And if so, what was Your first reaction? I am embarrassed - more than embarrassed i feel a distinctive sense of revolting vulgarity on my part - to enter the sacred spaces of Your intimacy, but such is the force of my need to understand the dynamics of Your fall from grace, that i have to yield to it. Very likely, i like to imagine, the pull came from Her - She residing at a lower level than Yours - but what about Your resistance? Your story is so fascinating - at least to me - because it is a rehearsal of that old Biblical story which unfolded in the Garden of Eden. Only the Serpent is missing. Or is it there as well? Can You, please, elaborate on this?

And, at the very end of Your story, after having ascertained Your sexuality being fully operative, You wonder.......

"I wonder if it is possible to have time to do both my spiritual highest and a relationship".

Is it really a problem of available time? Or is it, rather, a problem of neurological impossibility?

Thanks in advance for any comment You may decide to add. And welcome to this Forum as well.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only pathway from eros to Agape.

Ha Ha! Now THAT is a big

Ha Ha! Now THAT is a big belly laugh!

You say: only the serpent is missing. Oh Caruso, if only you knew! Mamacita is, after all, a snake. A huge, luminous, flourescent snake. No doubt about it. So, there will be much conversing in the future on this topic. In the meantime I must go, but I laugh to think that the Mamacita has brought this conversation to the fore.

Thanks for sharing

your courageous story. Fun planet, eh?

Just curious. Did you let your higher guidance choose the woman you couldn't fully connect with? It's very hard to turn that part of our lives over to the Divine, but frankly I've come to see all of us as a bunch of loose wires who don't know how to connect ourselves properly for best results.:-)

By best results, I mean "to enable us to do our life's work"...whatever that may be. My experience (personal ;-), and from observation), is that however clear our vision of our desire to align with Divine will...we usually compromise, or defer, that goal when tempted by a biologically attractive partner. (Thanks, primitive brain, for doing your job so well!) In my experience, there are usually *plenty* of excellent reasons to rationalize our decision to "go with our gut." And I did this many times, before I learned to listen. Then my husband showed up, and we've gotten a lot accomplished, and learned a ton.

I'm not saying you did this "reckless mating" thing. And, in any case, your connection with your first goddess was probably vital, if only so you can see the comparison with your next goddess. But you may want to head for your cabin to check in before taking off your trousers next time. Smile

While I'm on the subject of spirituality and sex, I'll just mention that over the past years I've slowly learned that tantra is not synonymous with sacred sex, even though it's the best known term used for it. Sacred sex has two main paths. One is a solo path that often looks like a couple path...but it's actually about raising one's own kundalini. Sex may, or may not, be used, but intense...forced...techniques are used. In the case of classic sexual tantra, for example, the sex ritual was done in a group...involving one night stands with other people's wives, in order to jack up one's neurochemistry to an altered state. Kinda like taking a hallucinogen. Seems to be a good way to get your kundalini going...and if you get it going strongly enough it'll open your third eye...and give you a glimpse of a non-dual state.

The other sacred sex path is the path of union. For better or worse, I keep getting pushed in this direction. It emphasizes the exchange of selfless heart energies. Passion isn't the goal, although it is present in muted tones....male and female being the magnets they are. Smile The ecstatic feelings come from getting two heart centers open at the same time, and the energy flows up naturally...not due to a forced technique. Very little action in *our* third least so far. (Although Larry Stokes, who posts here, has had some very powerful experiences with this approach - and is writing a book about them as we speak.) We just "flicker" there occasionally, but that's it.

Years into this adventure, I now realize that the path of union is what this site is devoted to - even though some versions of tantra get "honorable mentions" from time to time. I'm sure some tantric couples find this union path one, too, but probably because they deviate from classic tantric techniques and form stable couples.

I'm blathering on about all this because you, too, may be getting pushed in the direction of the union path...and it's very confusing when you team up with a tantra person...who may be on the "forced passion kundalini" path. That can cause major confusion at a fundamental level. So you might start by first asking which path *is* your path. And then when one shows up, you can check in, however cute she may be.

Good luck to you, whatever path you're on! Look forward to your blog.

Yep, that's

what jimmy must decide.

I suspect sex is an ineffective tool for opening the third eye, at least it would be for me and sounds like for you too. Mostly, I want companionship and see sex as a way of uniting myself with another. And let's be real honest here, I like it cause it's fun. Now I'm trying to see if it (she) can fit into my bigger plans. If a union could turn out to aid in the journey that would sure be a bonus. :)

For seeing beyond duality I recommend Ayahuaska. Takes you right there, sometimes. It won't let you stay though. I think of it like a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain... and (unfortunately) back.

It does other things too. It was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I laughed for 7 hours straight upon be given the master key to my ultimate healing.

In just one download of information my burden was completely removed. HA!

I was shown that I was living my life as an apology for being an unwanted pregnancy, unworthy of life and of the space I was taking up. I believe I must've picked up the message of being unwanted from the womb as the fertilized embryo of a 17 year old runaway. My dad wanted to abort me but my mom just couldn't.

My whole life has been lived as a feeling of not belonging. I cry now as I tell you that the Mama (what those of us on a first name basis call the spirit of the ayahuaska plant) told me that it was ok to be jimmy. It's ok for me to be.

As you can imagine, this changes everything. I'm still taking it all in. I'm even going to change my name.

As I write these words now I am placed in such a state of peaceful calm, knowing all is well and that I am taken care of by my loving Mother and Father. Perhaps I am wrong in thinking that I am not able to stay on the mountain. Thank you medicino.

She showed me more too. I have seen the true jimmy and my desire to continue treading upward is more intense than ever. I can get there.

Peace to you all,


Jimmy - So well put! Thank

Jimmy -

So well put! Thank you for the time that you put into sharing your story. It does take courage to share such personal details in such a public space. I am sure many will benefit from the confirmation and experience that you have seen in how a more plant-based diet can help to calm the libido.

Looking forward to seeing you manifest your next lover and bringing your sexuality to the next level!

jb, I have a question

Are you a monk? You seem convinced that the ultimate path is a solo, celibate path. If you are, I'd like to hear more about why you think this.

I've long wondered whether the Church got some wires crossed early on, and missed the true teachings of Jesus on this important subject.

Marnia, here is my answer

Let me propose to Your reflection, Marnia, the following two sequences:

- 1. Health = ease = function.
- 2. Pathology = disease = dysfunction.

This said, let me further observe that the Human Organism is so conceived, engineered and programmed that - whenever relieved from any obstructing agency - spontaneously and automatically initiates a process directed to the re-establishment of "function". Absolutely NO external intervention is required.

Human sexuality - as we know it - is a "dysfunction" caused by an erroneous diet. By relieving the Organism from it, - as it would happen with any other dysfunction - spontaneously and automatically, absolutely with NO need of any external manipulative intervention of any kind and description, - "dysfunction" is overcome and "function" is re-established.

No, i am not a monk.

The Church has been knowing the truth about Human sexuality since the very beginning. The Church, however, - in order to keep its leadership of a Humanity unwilling to face its dietetic and sexual dependences - has always been excercising conservative compromise.

My best regards to You, Marnia.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only pathway from eros to Agape.

If everyone would reach the

If everyone would reach the state of functionality as you define it, Caruso, it would not last very long as we would go extinct. Or is there something I'm missing here? Thanks in advance for your explanantion.

Yes, hotspring.......

Yes, hotspring, a universal state of functionality would translate into the extinction of Humanimals, but, concomitantly, would start the procreation of Humans, like Jesus of Nazareth and many other exceptional Beings known as being sons and daughters of the Gods: the first procreated by bestial sexuality, the latter by cerebral magnetism.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

"Foliarism": the only pathway from eros to Agape.