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Nice massage/karezza on Sunday. Monday I back off, sated and not wanting to bother my love. Tuesday's schedule prevents our seeing each other until 9 PM. At bedtime, after the briefest of kisses, with my keen sight I perceive I am no longer welcome in her bed. It's normal and I am a little hurt. What to do with the hurt? First-worst impulse, blame her for not being loving. It's annoying to still be doing that, but I let it go real quick. I want touch, it looks affectionate, and it's bonding (Right?) but what nice little Moita's did I do? 5? I can't remember 1....ok I did scribble "I love you" on a scrap of paper before I left. So today I need to get back on my game, be that loving man that I am and that she deserves.