Urination problems after non-orgasmic sex

Submitted by wings on
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I had sex the other day for several hours throughout the day, and I experienced a weird sensation when trying to pee.

It felt like I had to pee, but I couldn't. A couple of thoughts came to mind:

could this be a problem caused by vesicles being filled, and not drained (through orgasm)?

Or is it something else?

It didn't really bother me, but it took a long time before I could pee normally. I felt really ... pumped is somehow a good description, even though I wasnt erect when trying to pee.


I can't talk from personal experience, but usually when people report things like that, it happens after they were "skirting the edge" a lot. That seems to be one of the pitfalls of abstaining yourself although your partner is not- it's impossible for intercourse to be sufficiently relaxed not to cause some discomfort afterwards.

The Taoists

recommended lots of prostate squeeze exercises.

We find the better solution is to not go near the edge. But if you do plan to go near the edge, then learn some of the techniques. "Taoist Secrets of Love" by Mantak Chia has lots of them.