fertilzation with one zoosperm

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Is it possible the fertilization with a single zoosperm without orgasm?
If yes please elaborate


Extremely unlikely.

There are certainly reported incidents of fertilization from pre-ejaculate alone out there, although it's relatively rare because pre-ejaculate contains only a fraction of the number of sperm found in actual semen. However, some men are probably leakier than others.

Fertilization with a single sperm would be next to impossible. First of all, how would you isolate just one in the first place? Second, only a fraction of the sperm in a typical ejaculation would ever make it to the egg, so a single most likely would not. Finally, while only one sperm actually fertilizes the egg, many more are generally needed to get through the egg's outer layer.

Why do you ask?

WELL, since I am preparing

WELL, since I am preparing myself to bring anoither kid in this world I d like to do it without the necessity of orgasm. I heard that it is possible using the creative concious imagination and lots of prayer during the mating. It was a technique used in ancient times with positive results.

conceiving without ejaculating

There has been a moderate amount of discussion about the topic in this site. You can search for keywords like "conception". Here is one thread about it: http://www.reuniting.info/node/379

My opinion is that karezza should not be counted on as either a birth control method OR as a way to get pregnant. Some men may leak sperm more than others. I suppose you could find out for yourself if you leak sperm by using a condom (remove the elastic) and a microscope. Sperm are visible at 1000x magnification.

If you try to conceive without ejaculating, please let us know the results! Other people will want to know.