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hello everyone,
i will like to share my experience of controlling masturbation habit. well, there are two main points to it. firstly, i had observed that all sex transmutation techniques should not contain contemplating sexual thoughts, as that itself will excite you, and play havoc with you, it can be understood as how one can remain dry, while being in water?
my experience is as follows, for the last two weeks, i am doing this 'sat-kriya', a sex transmutation technique, details of which you can find in the following url
note-:, it's not necessary to speak 'sat-nam', you can choose, any name, in which you have a faith.
secondly, my question is , if doing masturbation twice a week is right?, as to follow a balanced approach, rather than completely abstaining from it.
i am doing masturbation twice a week, on the belief that it's ok to do masturbation twice a week so as not to become victim of "suppression of sexual desires".
In these two weeks, even after doing sat-kriya, it's not that no sexual thoughts comes to me , rather, in a day, so many sexual thoughts comes and may even excite you, however following osho's philosophy, let these thoughts come,as this is the very nature of mind, don't fight with these thoughts, and at the same time, realize that , you have decided not to brood or dwell on these thoughts. i am sure with practice, the frequency of these thoughts would decrease, or in a better way, these thoughts would stop affecting you.
now, again, i am not comfortable with this regime also, the first point, i believe is that, sex-transmutation technique and masturbation don't go hand-in-hand, it's like that , if you have given masturbation as a channel to let-off your your sexual energies, then sexual energies will never be transmuted through sex-transmutation techniques.
At the same time, i am concerned about the affects of not doing masturbation,which i am doing from the past 9 years, & if supressing/ not properly transmuting my sexual desires would lead to devastating affects on my mental, as well as physical health?
now, the question is, how would i know, if the technique, that i am following for transmuting my sexual energy is really working or not?, as periodically, i am excited to the extent of doing masturbation, i.e. doing these techniques doesn't guarantee, complete absence of excitation.
As far as the conclusion, i have drawn from my 2 week's experience is that, i was feeling better not doing masturbation, feeling more focussed, disciplined than doing it, i know some part of this feeling might be induced neurologically, inside my brain, still, i am sure, that preserving your sexual energy, makes you a better person, than hooking to masturbation. I know , i might not suceed, but, still, i have again decided to not to do masturbation ever & for maintaining this promise, i need support from myself, as well as a belief that we all are going on the same path and need support from each other.
may god bless us all!


I'm confused

Here's what guys on the site have *generally* noticed (and they'll correct me if I'm wrong).

Abstaining for a while is helpful and has benefits, but it's difficult at first...and then, a couple of months becomes very tough *again* if you are on your own.

The path recommended at this site is *union* in which the loving energy of a partner helps both partners stay in balance over the long-term...making orgasm less demanding. Even then, orgasm occasionally occurs...but that is okay. It gives you a chance to observe the passion cycle that follows climax.

Don't be afraid that your sexual energy will disappear or become repressed just from cutting back, or practicing karezza with a sweetheart. It's quite resilient. Wink

I'd just add...

A third *tough* is returning to orgasming, feeling drained and irritable, then having to wait out another intermediary period.

The rest was true to my experience. There was the one-time two-week withdrawal discomfort which didn't come back, even after subsequent orgasms. These days I start to feel good before the week mark, eventually feeling great at the month mark. Then I start to run around in the super-body, stressing it; not enough oxytocin to counteract the stress, so I start to flame up, getting worse as time goes on.

Without the partner, it's like Sisyphus, getting to the top and sliding back down again.

Long-term: 7th month. Physically, my body's improved, both in health and appearance. No sex side effects except more directness and awareness of women. Mentally, my personality and thinking has changed noticeably, seems like on a brain level. Almost entirely good, the only question would be your opinion on the uglier sides of "yangness".

Anyway, good luck. I think you're in the right place.

controlling masturbation.

first i controlled masturbation for 8 days, in which everyday was frustrating except one day, that day suddenly at night i dint even feel of doing r even think of doing masturbation or have any sexual fellings , WHY i cant feel in the same way for most of the other days , 10th day i lost my control , and wasted my sperms, but im doing the buttocks oppening and closing with breathing. is it true that if we don't take out the sperms, everything will happen as we think? and our karmas be hidden?