Finding friendly groups

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Whether you're trying to overcome an addiction, find a partner, make friends, or just improve your social skills, one of the best things you can do is find local groups of friendly people to hang out with. Below are some online resources suggested by members to help you find a group that you will enjoy. If you have other suggestions for additions, especially for areas outside the USA, please leave them in comments below.

Meetup groups directory of thousands of groups of every possible type imaginable, making it an excellent place to start. Put in your zip code and find out what's happening in your area!

Religious groups

Quakerfinder: search for Quaker meetings in your area. directory of meditation groups and centers.

Unitarian Unversalist Association: directory of Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Other groups

Love Tribe Events page "Begun in 2002, LoveTribe has grown through word of mouth and has members in over 700 cities in every state and 35 other countries on 5 continents. If you want more nurturing, playful touch in your life, welcome to your Tribe."

Toastmasters: a club with local chapters for people who would like to develop their public speaking skills.

Laughter Yoga Clubs: groups that meet for the sole purpose of laughing.

United Way: organization with listings of local volunteer opportunities.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous: for those recovering from pornography and sex addictions.


12 step recovery group

Found a great group at church and the main focus of general recovery is from "Life's hurts and hang-ups" and then there are small groups for sub categories like addictions, grief recovery, co-dependency, etc. Finding other people with similar situations has helped me find new friends and makes me feel less alone in what I've been going through.

Online friends/groups are great too. Soacial networking with people from my past as well as making new contacts with people who have similar interests has helped me step out of my isolation box.