Dream sex as more vivid, more "real?"

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My experience with sex dreams is that they are rare, but much more vivid and "Platonically real" (ironically) than sexual experiences in real life. Has anyone else felt this way?

Anyway, as a result I have found myself actually seeking out such experiences during my periods of abstinence, albeit with no success thus far. (e.g. sleeping naked to avoid any mechanical obstructions to...the process.)

I am aware that I might be working against myself here, in terms of neural pathways. I've been clean almost 10 days, temptations looming up by and by, and I may only be making it harder for myself by indulging nontactically in fantasies, if only for a few seconds at a time. But this is still an experiment for me.

Incidentally, the most vivid "sex dream" I've had thus far was a like a combination of bbHousebb of Leaves and Twilight: it began with a close-up discovery of a frightening, agoraphobical discovery of the vampires' underground labyrinth and ended with me sitting between two female vampires at a baseball game, trying to hold both of them back yet enjoying their touch at the same time. (God, I love Dr. Freud.)

Funny. I've also had

Funny. I've also had vampire dreams while trying to abstain, or after having gone a significant amount of time successfully abstaining. There was one dream in which I could feel the hormonal changes in my body as the vampire's bite (or was it a kiss? don't recall) made its way through my bloodstream. I posted the dream somewhere in here. I've paid attention to my dreams for awhile, and vampire imagery definately is not a normal dreamsign for me when I am not abstaining. And I don't watch vampire movies or anything like that.

I would think the dream

I would think the dream symbolism of vampires is closely related to the concept of "stealing" essence, life force, energy...nothing new in the spiritual realm of sexuality.

Any Jungians out there have anything to add?

Makes sense to me

The sexes have been projecting this post-orgasmic neurochemical hangover or sense of loss, lack, uneasiness onto each other for a long time.

Hopefully, by patching the "leak" people can begin to project their feelings of fullness and well-being onto each other instead. Harmony is far more likely that way in my experience.

Since I've been abstaining

Since I've been abstaining from orgasms for over a month, I've had two orgasm dreams. Both in which I was basically just moving my hips (alone) in my dreams- I don't really remember anyone around and before I knew it, just the feeling of the motion in my dream created the sensation of orgasm. And in both dreams, I was like, shoot, what happened? I was trying not to do that. sort of funny. Then woke to the relief that it didn't really happen. Or did it...???

Two nights ago I had one dream that I was in my car and this man was trying to get in and I was sort of excited and terribly scared at the same time- locking all the doors and shaking my head 'no, no, no'. I woke up right after that one with my heart racing. there was no orgasm there.


are something we can't control directly. So just enjoy the ride.

And next time, roll down the window a crack and ask him what he has in mind. Wink