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The term 'valley orgasm' is mentioned several times on this site, but I can't find out what it is. I only get that it is sexual energy going up the spine instead of flowing outward in a conventional orgasm. Can someone help me out here?

Some questions I have:
- is it the same for men and women?
- does it have the same effect on your dopamine as conventional orgasms?
- and of course: How can you get such an orgasm? :)

Interesting question

I was very interested in knowing that at first, also. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees on what a "valley orgasm" means. I think some have written about it as though it's just the process of repeatedly approaching orgasm while drawing energy up without ever quite going over, or maybe it's just a nonejaculatory orgasm. *As far as we know,* these practices will still wreak havoc with your neurotransmitters to some extent or another. They're also (simply because they demand technique and have specific goals) likely to put your concentration during sex on performance. That doesn't mean you can't play with them anyway, though (some of us are just curious, let's face it!)

I've since come to the conclusion that if it feels like an orgasm, looks like an orgasm, quacks like an orgasm (?), etc., it's basically an orgasm. A true "valley orgasm," if you want to misleadingly call it that, is something entirely different and can't be attained though effort. You can only get there through relaxation. But states of bliss that bear little or no resemblance to a standard orgasm do, emhpatically, exist.


Thanks for the clarification. I've seen a video in which an instructor of tantric sex teacher Margo Arnand had an orgasm. He was shaking all over his body, but no fluid came out, so it was an internal orgasm. But it definately looked like an (all body) orgasm. I think you are spot on that such intense feelings of pleasure lead to more dopamine high and lows. Maybe this kind of 'spiritual sex' is like the eastern variant of the western vibrator: there both pleasure enhancing devices!

[quote=Amari] A true "valley orgasm," if you want to misleadingly call it that, is something entirely different and can't be attained though effort. You can only get there through relaxation. But states of bliss that bear little or no resemblance to a standard orgasm do, emhpatically, exist.[/quote]
So do you mean in the above quote that the valley orgasm is a state of bliss, for example whole body wellbeing, but without any orgasmic feeling?

Not exactly

It's kind hard to say whether one has experienced *the* valley orgasm (or soul orgasm, whatever) yet, because as far as I understand, it's not as clear cut as the physical kind. I guess I meant that once you start to just explore and enjoy yourself thoroughly, you might stop caring about how exactly to define the state you're in and just appreciate it.

I agree with Amari

When we discuss orgasm, we are precise and specific. We talk about physical reactions and neurotransmitters, etc. When interpreting ancient concepts we have to allow for a less precise understanding of human biology and a generally more poetic approach to concepts.

In other words, don't take the writing too literally!



division in three levels of sexual experience: genital orgasm, whole-body orgasm and soul orgasm. The valley orgasm seems to fall in the category of whole-body orgasm, doesn't it?

Yes, and yet

I suspect the term has also been used for the "soul orgasm." I say that because I've read some descriptions of it that more closely fit the latter.

For me, the true test is "How do I feel afterward? How is the harmony in my relationship over the weeks following?"

Valley Orgasm

In Mantak Chia's books, he described the valley orgasm like Amari does, but I think that's a case of taking a term and applying it to something else. How can continually approaching a peak be called a "valley" orgasm? This confused me until I read Osho's "Book of Secrets" where he described an "orgasm" that could occur during karezza-like sex, meaning without approaching the peak of stimulation. Sexual energy gets generated by the (low levels of) passion but do not flow down and out as in conventional orgasm but go to a higher chakra, causing something that feels orgasmic but characteristic of the higher chakra. (Descriptions are in other threads on this site, and I shouldn't comment, since I haven't experienced these kinds of orgasms yet. I've gotten body shaking, but it didn't feel like an orgasm of any kind, just a shaking of the physical body concurrent with coming close to but not into genital orgasm.) I believe these higher chakra orgasms don't have the neurochemical effect of genital orgasm, but I do believe that continually approaching the peak does (though not as much). In addition to the neurochemical effect, there seems to be a physiological weakening in males, which is what I'm personally more concerned with, having not experienced the POIS effect, either in myself or my partners. That is, that I knew of. I understand it's subtle sometimes. And other times... not so subtle. Wink


Thank you. Well, my new sweetheart has been keeping me busy, shuttling back and forth between our respective homes (5 hours apart) and finding our way through the thickets of the human heart. It's an interesting story, so I'll be posting an update soon. Lots to learn. Lots to learn.

Reaching Out

Oh yes. It was frustrating not having the opportunity to grow from all the dramas caused by human interaction. Now I have it in spades. LOL. It's not always fun, but growth is what I live for. What a wonderful thing, this thing called life!

* big hug back *