I probably need a partner or other serious passion to succeed at this

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Well, I made it a good fifteen days, I did! Unfortunately, last night I woke up in such pain that I simply had to...ahem...do something about it. But it's been a good experience, and here's a list of what I've learned:

1) If I'm going to succeed at this, I'm going to have to get serious about unequivocally avoiding temptation. (I mentioned in another post how part of my motivation for abstaining was so I could experience vivid sex dreams...which didn't actually happen.) Beloved writer Neil Strauss cited allowing himself a temptation-prone mindset as the cause of his failure to complete a "30-Day Experiment" (he lasted only 11), and I have to say my own experience rings true with this.

2) Also essential is an "outer source" into which to direct the excess energy--either a partner willing to try out the delicate practices of sex without pursuit of orgasm, or a serious passion (career or hobby.) Right now I'm both single and engaged in work that is tedious but necessary for the next step in my life (the next step being the pursuit of a phD.)

3) The Deer Exercise feels quite pleasant after a week or so of abstinence.

I probably won't post again until if/when I complete a full five-week cycle. Until then...