Excessive Masturbation question

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Can excessive masturbation cause pain in the genitals? i ask this because a couple of weeks ago i was experiencing weak erections, it took a tremendous amount of friction for me to actually orgasm, but afterwards i would have this kind of dull pain in my penis. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this?

Recently during my second week of abstinence i did in fact masturbate again to orgasm, not using porn,just to kind of see if things were getting better, and things definitely were. I got and kept an erection much easier, i also didn't have the pain anymore afterward, and that was a huge positive for me cause i was getting it quite often, and as recently as a month ago. Im assuming over masturbating could be the cause, but just wanted to ask the question anyway see what others thought.

I don't intend to fall back into the P and MB trap. This was kind of like my own little experiment, and after seeing the positive results in just a couple of weeks i know things are getting better, and if it continues i'll be happy.

In my personal experience,

In my personal experience, pain from masturbation is simply caused by your penis being harmed by all the excessive rubbing/stroking you have been putting it through. The pain causes it to be harder to focus on the pleasure generated by the act of masturbation thus harder to orgasm. At least in my experience, just giving your penis a break of a day or two or whatever will make it good as new.