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I know that there is the 3 week thing, that after that amount of time it gets easier not to have to indulge in a self degrading habit, being orgasm and ejaculation. I could not seem to break out of a weekly cycle. I was able to really do well. I was finishing a second week which made me proud. But I had great trouble controlling my thoughts and my pants. I would be up for hours trying to quell the hunger. I was about to go on a week long church program for youth and knew that if I could hold myself till then, that week would be a free 1 week and I would be over the hill. Sadly I didn't make it. I was devastated. Like usual I was upset at my weakness. I was spiritually weak as well, my faith was waning and I struggled to hang on.
What I did was ask in prayer that the experience would save me spiritually, not in my addiction nearly as much. When I arrived I was greeted well, counselors seemed peppy and I did not desire to be near them. Through the week I came to feel myself grow in spirit. My being a LDS Christian we believe in the spirit whispering. I felt a tender calm numerous times. Finally I felt the burning of the bosom as it is said in the bible. My physical, mental and emotional aspects were overwhlemd in this once instance, in the quiet room as several of us youths stood up to solemnly reveal our knowledge of truth.
I was renewed in spirit. Afterwards I was happy than I ever felt in my life. I rode on this feeling for a week before I came down out of feeling. I now am solid and happy. I noticed that oddly I had absolutly no deisre. None. Those thoughts no longer crept into my mind. But I knew I could do that. I was amazed that in the "basement" the lion wasn't roaring, but rather in a slumber. I am over my third week, and still not having big issues. I may get a sudden feeling, but I can quickly advert myself from whatever is causing it.
Now I am so far, I feel like I am on a whole other level. I can see clearly now. I encourage everyone to find a quiet spiritual experience. Sorry to say it to those atheists and agnostics, but I cannot denounce that this has been the biggest help ever. If you have some sort of way to tap into the spirit and reflect on the topics of charity, peace, love, hope, and an eye single to the work of God*(*which you can change to fit you if needed).
Writing is a way for me to cope as well as sharing my testimony that we have a fourth sphere of being, the body, the mind, emotions, and finally spirit. Spiritual death and illness prevented my coping and recovery. I hope I helped, and I hope I didn't offend.

Thanks for

sharing your inspiring experience. The once-agnostic psychiatrist Gerald May who worked with addicts his whole life came around to a very similar point of view. He wrote the book "Addiction and Grace."

He felt that trying to heal an addiction yourself was a very tricky business and likely to result in relapse, and that it was far more effectve to turn the problem over to Something Larger than Yourself. Sounds like you'd second his opinion. That's great!

Peace of mind is a good thing!