Chronic stress and habit formation

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I thought some of you might be interested in this article from the New York Times:


Interesting article. Good news that the brain has enough plasticity to repair from the stress. When I was at the worst part of my addiction I would do things that increased my stress even more. This made me want to act out more. It was a vicious cycle. Its very hard to see an alternative when youre in that state. Dont miss it one bit


researcher has studied the effects of saturated fats and exercise on brain plasticity. Sure enough, the mice that were fed a normal diet both performed better cognitively and brain tissue revealed more overall synaptic connections. Also, when mice were given omega 3 oils, their plasticity increased even more, even offsetting some of the mice that were fed a saturated diet's effects. (Gomez-Panilla, ucla)

I think thats why exercise and diet might be helpful tools. Brain plasticity really is the key to success for an organism. An organism's entire existence and history is based on adaptability. I think adaptability must be the function of organisms, and if that is, then nothing would be more important for a human than to be mentally adaptable. Healthy people are most able to respond to their environment (stress) right?

Interesting insight

I hadn't really thought about this research in these terms...but, yes, adaptability is such a big part of the puzzle. Obviously it would be likely to increase one's "fitness."